The Chamomile Project

The Chamomile Project promotes wellbeing and recovery through gardening and nature based activites. Those who are more active in nature have a greater sense of wellbeing and lower rates of depression and anxiety. I want to help people reconnect with nature through gardening and nature based activities. I've got the horticultural skills but I need further training. I need funding so that I can attend the Call To The Wild: Foundation in Environmental Education course at the Schumacher College.

We did it!

On 6th Feb 2014 we successfully raised £1,120 of £1,100 target with 33 supporters in 28 days


The Chamomile Project is a Social Enterprise that aims to help people deal with the challenges of living with mental health difficulties by delivering gardening courses and nature based activities. I have all the things in place to make the project a success - the experience, the qualifications, the land and the ambition – but need funding to gain some further training.

About me:

My name is Eve Worrall. I have been following my passion for gardening and nature for the last 6 years working in some of the most celebrated gardens in the South West. I have a Diploma in Horticulture and now run my own gardening business, Eve Worrall Gardening. Taking part in the Fellowship Start Up Programme at the School of Social Entrepreneurs inspired me to think creatively about how I can use my skills to help others. The Chamomile Project is launching this year and I would like to attend further training to improve my leadership and mentoring skills and to expand the range of activities I am able to deliver.


One in four people will suffer from mental health difficulties at some point in their lives. Ecotherapy is a fantastic way to address this as it has been proven to strengthen us emotionally, mentally and physically.

Being able to connect with nature has positive mental health benefits. And it has been shown that being more active in green environments can boost your mood and self-esteem far more than simply exercising alone. Mind

The Chamomile Project aims to promote wellbeing and recovery through gardening and nature based activities such as campcraft, shelter building, sensory awareness, foraging and woodcraft. As well as learning new skills these activities can all help to increase a sense of wellbeing, boost energy levels, improve social skills and self-esteem, giving people the confidence and motivation they need to get their lives back on track whether that’s by getting back into employment or education or simply giving them back a sense of purpose and a restored feeling of balance.

I have first-hand experience of the positive effect nature and gardening can have on people suffering from mental health difficulties and was inspired to launch this project after seeing their spirits lifted.

“Our research shows people commissioning mental health services and social care that a holistic treatment like ecotherapy delivers not only health benefits, but wider social benefits and cost savings that medication could not,” Paul Farmer, chief executive of Mind



What will the money pay for?

I would like funding to pay for a course that will benefit the Chamomile Project, 'A Foundation in Environmental Education' at the Schumacher College, Devon.

The intensive course consists of:

  • 6 Core Skills and Development weekends focussing on Nature Awareness, Campcraft, Firecraft, Shelter building, Wild Food, Sensory Awareness, Naturalist Activity, Creative Interpretation, Storytelling, Nature Games and Woodcraft.


  • 3 additional WildWise professional training courses to develop specific forest skills


  • Valuable contact time with a variety of target client groups

This programme will give me the skills and tools to improve my leadership potential, become a more grounded and effective educator. It will also give me the ability to help others connect to the natural world, themselves and their aspirations.

Through your help I can gain the skills that will enable me to make a real difference in people’s lives.




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