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Are you fed up with the quality of our national debate and decision-making?

Support ‘The Campaign’ in doing something about it.

The Campaign is working to reinvigorate the quality of our national debate and decision-making. We are planning to engage key national decision-makers and influencers (politicians primarily, but also business leaders, the media and others - up to 5,000 individuals initially) in the development of 'The Principles - a charter for quality debate and decision-making'.

At the same time, we will hold those decision-makers and influencers to account, building public pressure on them to engage with, commit to and apply The Principles.  

Please contribute what you can and support the development of quality national debate and decision-making. Many thanks.

The Campaign is a not-for-profit organisation.  It is apolitical.  #WithoutFearOrFavour.

For more information and background, read on...

We live in a volatile, uncertain world....

...and face numerous complex challenges:

  • The tech revolution and the impact of big data, AI and robotics on jobs and work
  • Climate change, energy security and stewardship of the world's natural resources
  • Social media and 'fake news'
  • Brexit, the economy, housing, social mobility, health and social care provision...the list goes on.

How government, policy makers, institutions and organisations respond to these challenges will have a direct impact on the prospects, prosperity and well-being, not just on those of us of the current generation, but on future generations too.

A crisis of public trust and confidence

A healthy and sustainable society and economy relies on there being trust between us, as citizens, and those in leadership positions who influence, discuss, debate and make the decisions that affect us all. We don't necessarily have to like those decisions, but they can only be successful if they have our respect, which in turn depends on us having respect and confidence in the process of decision-making, and trust in the people involved.

That trust and confidence is missing.

It's time to act.

What The Campaign is doing about it

The Campaign is working to improve our approach to national decision-making, so that we have respect and confidence in the decisions taken, and so that we have trust in our key national influencers and decision-makers.

A principles-based approach

The Campaign advocates a principles-based approach.  The aim of this approach is to develop a commonly-agreed framework that focuses on HOW national decisions are made and HOW influencers and decision-makers participate in the process, rather than trying to influence the decisions themselves.

If the approach and process are excellent, excellent decisions are more likely to emerge.

Introducing 'The Principles - a charter for quality debate and decision-making'

The Campaign has developed a set of Principles, based around three core areas:  People, Process and Information.

The Principles are in draft form.  For them to gain traction and legitimacy, they will need to go through a process of engagement and co-creation, so that our national leaders and influencers have ownership and buy-in.  The Principles will not work if they are presented on a 'take it or leave it' basis.

You can see and comment on a full version of the draft Principles on The Campaign website (see link below).

All development to date, including the website, development of the draft Principles, and initial awareness raising activity has been self-funded.

The Campaign now needs your support to move onto the next phase.

The Plan

The Campaign plans to send the draft Principles to at least 5,000 key national influencers and decision-makers - 'The First 5,000'.  This group will include all Westminster MPs, members of the House of Lords and representatives of devolved parliaments and assemblies, as well as leaders of major private and public sector employers, media organisations, charities, trade unions, professional bodies and other key public figures.

They will be challenged to sign-up to support The Campaign and to take the opportunity to provide input and feedback on The Principles, as part of the engagement and co-creation process.

Alongside this activity, The Campaign plans to run a public-awareness campaign, across traditional and social media, and including a high-profile launch event. 

As well as raising public awareness, the aim of this campaign is to hold The First 5,000 (and those that follow) to account, increasing pressure on them to engage and commit.  They need to feel that the cost of not being involved (eg. loss of reputation or support) is high enough to persuade them to get involved.  The Campaign website will also be updated, so that you will be able to see who has signed up to The Campaign and who hasn't, and who has input into the development of The Principles and who hasn't.

The feedback from this process, along with input from additional research and workshop-based activity, will be collated and summarised into a final version of The Principles, for publication by the end of the year.

Your support will allow The Campaign to:

  • Design, print and mail-out the draft Principles to The First 5,000
  • Hold to account:  develop and deliver the public awareness campaign, launch event
  • Update the website
  • Run workshops and other engagement activity to develop The Principles
  • Finalise and publish The Principles
  • Plan for the next phase of The Campaign, including securing a further round of funding.

By supporting The Campaign and The Principles, you will have a say in HOW our key national decision-makers and influencers make key national decisions.

Signing up to The Principles will demonstrate that those who hold, or aspire to hold, public office, or positions of significant influence, are committed to operating to a common, national standard and approach, regardless of their views on specific issues.

And when The Principles are put into practice, we as citizens will benefit from better quality public dialogue and debate, with greater trust and confidence in our public leaders and decisions they take.  These are the foundations for a healthier, more sustainable society and economy.

Long-term, sustainable impact

Building trust and confidence in decisions and decision-makers is a long-term game.  It won't happen overnight.

The Campaign is already planning 'what next?'.  From January 2019, The Campaign aims to:

  • Continue to engage decision-makers and influencers ('The Next 5,000') and to build public awareness and support
  • 'Hold to account': develop ways to assess and report on how individual leaders and influencers are applying The Principles - celebrate those doing it well, call out those who are not
  • Develop ways of applying and supporting The Principles in other areas eg. local/regional, within individual institutions and organisations, communities, etc.
  • Engage the next and coming generations in The Principles approach by developing and delivering programmes and courses in schools and universities.

What people have been saying about The Campaign

Additional information

  • The Campaign has been set up as a not-for-profit company, limited by guarantee. There are no shareholders.
  • The Campaign is apolitical and impartial.  It does not take positions on specific issues.
  • You can see the current version of the website at
  • You can find out more about me, Paddy Radcliffe, and why I've set up The Campaign, by clicking on my profile at the top of the page.  If you'd like to get in touch with me directly, please email me at  I don't know what sort of response I'm likely to get, but I will try to get back to you within a reasonable timeframe.

A note about rewards

I've made a conscious decision not to offer rewards as part of this crowdfund.  There's no obviously relevant reward so, rather than just offer something for the sake of it, I'd prefer to make sure that all pledges go directly towards supporting the work of The Campaign and the difference it is trying to make.


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