The Cabarats Debut Album Fundraiser

The Cabarats Debut Album Fundraiser

The Cabarats would like to produce and share an album of original music fusing Reggae, Ska, Balkan and Middle-Eastern sounds.

We did it!

On 27th Oct 2017 we successfully raised £1,065 of £1,000 target with 40 supporters in 28 days

Fellow Rats..

We are truley excited to announce that we are ready to produce our debut album of original material.

If we are new to your ears, here is a little bit about us:


The Cabarats bring a new musical experience to the global underground. Using a collection of intriguing instruments, the group concoct a spell-binding musical potion designed to thrill and entertain audiences far and wide.

The potion combines the haunting eastern sound of the Oud with the delicate beauty of the Accordion. The magic is embellished further with the addition of guitar, brass, percussion and glockenspiel. Throw in a solid rhythm section and captivating vocal melodies and it's nearly there. Finally, chuck in a few rats, give it a stir and the spell is cast!

To see what we are about, here is our debut single and video which was released a few months ago! Since then, we have pushed ourselves to be more creative and productive, therefore we have lots of songs that we have itching to put on our debut album! 

Our Aim..

Since forming the band in winter 2016, we have had such a great response and masses of support from all of our lovely fans. We would love to create an album which can be accesable to everyone. We aim to create an album in many formats, from online streaming for free, to both a digital and physical album that will be available to purchase.

We would also love to create some awesome merchandise to go with our album. We plan to make some T-shirts and Hoodies featuring brand new Cabarats designs.

As a new band, we need some support to raise funds to enable us to create an album. We are lucky enough to have lots of creative friends, which means we will be able to produce a good quality album on a reasonable budget.


We have estimated that our album and merch will cost around £1000 to produce. 

The money raised will go towards studio time, renting good quality recording equipment, mixing and mastering as well as the production of physical albums and unique artwork.

Any contribution from you would be sincearly appreciated and not forgotten. If you are willing to pay a little more, we also have some great perks lined up - check out our rewards!


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