Burnout Generation

by Lorna Cox in Falmouth, England, United Kingdom

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We're making a documentary to explore and raise awareness of the issues surrounding 'Millennial burnout' with interviews and unique visuals.

by Lorna Cox in Falmouth, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

With the extra funding we would be able to travel internationally to interview a wider demographic of people. We would also be able to reach a wider audience, submit our documentary to more Film Festivals and ultimately get our film seen by people worldwide to spread awareness and information about Millennial burnout.


Millennial Burnout is a new term which describes the feeling of helplessness both millennials and younger generations experience on a daily basis. Even though many people have admitted to feeling this way, they still don't know what exactly causes this stress. 

This project is important to us as we've all experienced burnout, and our goal is to explore and raise awareness of this condition through interviews and experimental visuals.  

Any donations are greatly appreciated. Thank you.

C R E W 
N A T A L I A  -  D I R E C T O R

Originally from Poland, Natalia is a Film student at Falmouth University and the director of Burnout Generation. “Having experience in different areas of filmmaking is an undisputed advantage which has given me a better understanding of the process. I wanted to make a film about an issue which has affected me personally. Therefore, I chose the idea of Millennial Burnout which is a new term that suggests that Millennials and younger generations are experiencing a specific kind of burnout. I intend to focus on the experience of individuals and how it affects their everyday lives. I believe that the use of experimental and abstract imagery is an ideal way to depict something so internal and personal. Making this documentary is going to be a great challenge. However, I’m very excited to work on this project with my fantastic crew.”
E L E N A  -  P R O D U C E R

Having worked in various roles in filmmaking, I have discovered that producing is my passion. I really enjoy organising and being in a role that helps set the project into motion; watching the film unfold and being a part of the entire journey. I was intrigued by the experimental aspect of this documentary because not only are we discussing compelling stories that involves our generation and what we experience every day but the sub-genre allows us to have more creative freedom. I’m hoping that this documentary will educate older generations on what we are currently going through but also to let other millennials and those in generation Z know that they are not alone.

L O R N A  -  R E S E A R C H  &  P U B L I C I T Y

Lorna is a film student in her third year at university. Her role in this documentary is to carry out research & publicity. After studying creative media for two years in Brighton she came to Falmouth University with the intention of specialising in cinematography. Now having experienced a variety of different roles, she has plans to pursue a career in music video production. With previous work experience at film premieres in London, she is excited to use the knowledge she’s learned and put it to use on this documentary about relevant issues the younger generations face.
C H A R L E Y  -  C I N E M A T O G R A P H Y

I am a cinematographer from Cornwall, who is currently studying Film at Falmouth University. As a young adult who faces the issues explored in this documentary, I am interested in showing the stories of others on screen. Having previously worked on documentary and experimental films in the past, I am eager to combine the techniques from both to try and highlight the feelings felt by those experiencing ‘Millennial Burnout’.

G I A N N I  -  E D I T O R

Gianni Realpe-Palacios is a third-year film student specialising in editing at Falmouth University. Originally from London, Gianni uses his urban upbringing as a source of inspiration in most of his projects. Having worked on both short and feature-length films, Gianni has had the opportunity to undertake different roles such as editing, producing, screenwriting and directing.

G E O R G I A  -  S C R E E N W R I T E R 
Georgia Forrest is a third year film student specialising in screenwriting. After previously working on short narratives and even a short documentary her passion lies within storytelling. Originally from Birmingham her passion for cinema stemmed from portrait photography and acting. Georgia has also been able to develop her love of film by exploring roles such as directing and cinematography.  

C A R Y S  -  S O U N D

Carys is a third year film student at Falmouth University, interested mostly in the philosophy of film, an interest that maps well onto the questions that Burnout Generation looks to discuss! She is excited to explore the possibilities of sound in the experimental documentary format and hopefully elevate the film to a new level.
K I T T Y  -  P R O D U C T I O N   D E S I G N

Originally from South London, Kitty is a Film student specialising in Production Design. Recently she has interned on a number of different programs including working as an Art Department Trainee for the BBC, Netflix and an independent film company, as well as working as the Graphics Assistant on a BFI funded horror film. Kitty is eager to work on a project tackling such an important and increasingly prominent topic.

L U C A  -  V I S U A L   A R T I S T 

Luca A. Salvagno (AluculA) is a Visual Artist with a passion for combining image and sound. In his recent projects, he has been working closely with EEL, a South England based music label. He’s also worked with other artists such as Oh Mr James, Aphex Twin and Bellatrix. He has experience as camera assistant in Verona, and he’s also embraced taking on other roles: sound designer, editor, art director (Limbo, Dare You, Bonus, U.T., Iterator). He is excited to be a part of Burnout Generation thanks to the approach this project embraces and the passion the team have dealing with such a delicate topic.

R I S K S  A N D  C H A L L E N G E S 

The biggest challenge we are going to face is filming in Bristol and London as they are densely populated environments. We will be commuting with all of our equipment on public transport, filming in places that could be problematic in terms of weather and terrain. 

With carefully thought out risk assessments and information on our surroundings, we have taken the necessary action to ensure the safety and protection of our crew and equipment.


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You will receive an A3 film poster, an A5 postcard with a design based around mental health and 'Millennial burnout' awareness along with an 'Executive Producer' credit at the end of our film, providing you leave your name when donating.

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