The Burnett Law
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Unfortunately this project was not successful.

By raising £350 I can afford a print run of my novel The January Flower.

by Orla Broderick in Findhorn, Scotland, United Kingdom

As of July 16th 2018, I slipped from mere fuel poverty to actual food poverty. The home I rent from an oversees, absentee landlady is nigh on impossible to heat. There is no insulation. We have black mould and slugs. Environmental Health are representing me at tribunal. The knee jerk reaction of some landlords is to attempt to evict their tenants as soon as they demand repairs to the property. This is the situation my daughter and I face. Again. 

The sale of 100 copies of my own novel would completely reverse the financial predicament I am faced with as a direct result of fuel poverty, as a direct result of zero insulation.

By raising a mere £350, I could order 100 copies of The January Flower by Orla Broderick and with 100 sales of aforementioned prize winning stunning poetic piece of literature, I would be solvent again.

Your money goes directly into helping me stay in my home and stand up to bullies. For every £15 donated you will receive a beautifully packaged signed copy sent to the address of your choice. For every £30 donated you will receive copy of my next novel, How To Speak Seagull, A VeryQueerLove Story.

I believe we need a law in Scotland making it illegal for landladies and landlords to punish tenants. I'd like to suggest it be called The Burnett Law. Help me make this happen, please.