The Broon Coo Project

The Broon Coo Project

Expand our herd of beautiful Jersey coos so that we can use their milk to make a fantasticaly unique product THE BROON COO BRIE #FarmToFork

We did it!

On 14th Apr 2018 we successfully raised £2,370 with 41 supporters in 42 days

So what is THE BROON COO  project?....and why do we need your HELP??. 

We  produce an amazing and unique cheese called Broon Coo Brie, made purely from Jersey cow milk, making it beautifully creamy and rich, but we currently don’t have enough Jersey cows in our herd to meet the demand for it.  We only have 3 ladies in our herd just now, which just isn’t enough. 

Your pledge money would help us increase that herd and ramp up production meaning everyone in the North East could enjoy the Broon Coo, but we need at least 10 more Jerseys to do this .90e8023f73febcfce049000a8b06dc86c17a0eba

What’s stopping us funding this on our own, well in 2017 we opened our new farm shop and cafe, The Tin Coo, a fully self funded project which used every spare penny and a lot of blood, sweat and tears has gone into it. The Tin Coo sells a range of our own homegrown produce,  from our cheese,  to our sausage that are sold in the shop, and our cheesecake and burgers sold in the cafe. We are extremely proud of the Tin Coo and excited to see where it goes but we don’t want to stop moving forward and want to keep producing truly amazing cheeses that is fresh and handmade. 

OUR AIM is to produce fantastic farm to fork produce so join the BROON COO project and help us do it. The cheese that is sold in our shop and cafe has ZERO food miles, which we think is something pretty amazing and gives us our drive and passion to keep producing.

We truely appreciate the support and won’t leave you empty handed, we have some brilliant PLEDGE REWARDS which we hope you will enjoy.

Help us keep achieving #FarmToFork



If you have never tried our range of cheese then come along to The Tin Coo, Portlethen, AB12 4RS and try a sample for yourself.

Thank you from the Groat family

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