The British Flower Book

The British Flower Book

To print and promote a full colour handbook for florists and flower arrangers about all the wonderful flowers that are grown in the UK

We did it!

On 11th Dec 2017 we successfully raised £8,260 of £6,000 target with 162 supporters in 28 days

New stretch target

We want to raise awareness about where British Flower Growers are in the UK, and enable florists to know where their local suppliers are. Our Stretch target funds will be used for more promotion for both the book and our community which is linking florists and growers all over the country.

The British Flowers Book has been written as a guide to the flowers and foliage stems available in their natural seasons to florists in the UK

The British Flower growing industry has been in decline, since the 1960's with Dutch imports taking the lion share of the market. Taking a fresh new approach to growing, there are now artisan flower farmers throughout the UK who work with our climate and seasons to grow naturally and not on a supermarket scale. This book aims to inspire florists and floristry students by setting out the wonderful range available through networks of growers throughout the country. It will give them the tools and knowledge to make the best use of the wide array of amazing blooms that the flower fields of the UK are able to grow at the appropriate time of the year.


The stunning photography by Emma Davies shows flowers in season and close ups of the cut flowers. It also has inspiring photoshoots for each month of the year showing various styles using British Flowers.


I've talked to numerous florists during this project to find out what they want. The book project was originally inspired by Vanessa Birley's constant questioning about when each flower was going to be available, and those fateful words "you should write a book!" 

I'm setting out to answer the main questions "When in the year is each flower available?" " Can I use it for this type of project?" and "Where do I get it from?"

I've had help from a lot of people. As a grower, my first thanks go to the Flowers from the Farm network of growers all over the country, who have helped and supported me as I've learned and grown. There's  also a whole team of florists who've donated their time, skills and expertise to create the showpieces in this book. Our photoshoots have been compared to cooking programmes. You're not sure what ingredients are going to turn up, but then you get to play with them to create a masterpiece.


The reason I'm crowdfunding this project is that we don't fit into any traditional publishing markets. 

 It's a full colour book with lots of photos, but I don't want this volume to sit on a coffee table. I want it to be out in use on the workbench.  

It's aimed at florists and floral students, and those that want to know more about British Flowers. However That market probably doesn't include international appeal. (I'd love it, if it did.) 

There are lots of ideas & inspiration about how to use the flowers but our main sections are about the flowers themselves, when they are in season and how they should be used when cut.

It's not even an A-Z book, everything is based on colour themes and months of the year,  after all if you have an event to flower, you'll know the date, so it makes sense to find out what's likely to be available then.


As a team we have expertise in growing, photographing and using flowers, but we need crowdfunding monies for professional editing, layout and organisation of printing and publishing. 

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