The Bristol Revunions go to the Edinburgh Fringe!

by Bristol Revunion in Clifton, England, United Kingdom

We did it
On 29th August 2019 we successfully raised £490 with 13 supporters in 49 days

Help the Bristol Revunions subsidise our members in paying for travel and accommodation for the Edinburgh Fringe this year!

by Bristol Revunion in Clifton, England, United Kingdom

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This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£150 or more

Free Tickets to Revs Shows for a year

The big one, the daddy, the goliath of all prizes. You get to see all the funny stuff we do for a WHOLE YEAR gratis, sino dinero, gratuit, gratuito, kostenlos, free.

£5 or more

Social Media Shoutout

We’ll give you a big ol’shoutout on our facebook page as way of saying a big ol’thank you!

£10 or more

0 of 10 claimed

Signed Posters

Yeah, that’s right – a really lovely poster with all of our names scribbled on it – what more could you ask for, ey?

£10 or more

Name a Character in a Sketch

You can be a part of Revs’ Edinburgh show this year as you can become a character in a sketch! For this reward we will name a character after you in either Party or Road Trip.

£15 or more

You choose our profile picture for a day!

Come now, it can’t be anything rude. But apart from that please feel free to go wild! Our social media presence is LEGENDARY, and you can be the face of that for a sweet SWEET 24 hours.

£20 or more

0 of 30 claimed

Edinburgh Show dedication

Get a shout out at the end of one of our Fringe shows as a symbol of our everlasting gratitude for your donation. You can specify the date and the show you want and we’ll tell a whole crowd of people how amazing you are.

£20 or more

Thank you video

Want to see our gratitude rendered in an audio-visual format? Then this is the reward for you as we will send over a personalised thank you video - just for you!

£20 or more

Photo of you at the fresher’s fair stand-out

Doesn’t matter if you’re a student at Bristol Uni or not, if you want to get amongst that freshers fair energy then this is the reward for you. A photo of you will be placed in prize position at our freshers fair, beckoning in aspiring Revunions.

£25 or more

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Instagram takeover

You get to take over our instagram account for the day!

£25 or more

Matthew Wilson’s Lasagne

yUm! That’s all you need to know. Can cater to all allergies and dietary preferences.

£25 or more

Saxophone call with Rosa toot toot

Toot toot toooooooottttt!!! HELLO, my name is Rosa and I will give you a call at a time of MY CHOOSING and will play you some sweet, sweet saxophone music. If you happen to be out/asleep, then that is on you. No takesies-backsies.

£30 or more

Reserved seat at TNA

A reserved seat at the Kingsdown Vaults premier weekly open mic night! Who knows where this seat’ll be, but it’ll be there and that’s what counts.

£50 or more

0 of 5 claimed

Abbie’s Art Class

Our multi-talented secretary and producer, Abbie, will give you your own art class. You can learn how to paint like a pro with her beautiful, calming voice to guide you in your own artistic journey.

£60 or more

Go for a pint with James Trickey

Long-standing and much loved former VP of the Bristol Revunions is an absolute hoot! For this perk you’ll be able to enjoy a pint with the Trickster himself, where the conversation promises to be just as bubbly and frothy as the fine beverages you’ll be enjoying.

£151 or more

Ismay will grow a fringe

Ismay will grow a fringe – Her forehead is massive to be fair. We tell a lie, it is not but might look very nice with a fringe. Donate now to find out! We know this is the most expensive prize but she very begrudgingly said yes so let's call her bluff please please.

£30 or more

3 of 3 claimed

Limited Edition Caps

The most limited of the limited Revunions merch! For this price tier you can receive a lovely cap with the Revs logo – but quick! These items are super limited!!

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