The Brexit

The Brexit

Create a new satirical comic book 'The Brexit', based on the popular social media account @Trump_ton.

We did it!

On 19th Aug 2017 we successfully raised £4,434 of £3,000 target with 204 supporters in 28 days

New stretch target

We've reached our initial target (thank you!) so we're now adding a S T R E T C H Target.

The Brexit was going to be 8-Pages of satirical fun, now we'd like to raise that to 12, YES 12!, fun-packed pages if we reach our new target.

That's a lot of extra ideas and drawing for Mr Mayor, so the plan is to pay at least one more contributor to create a strip or an article and obviously it'll add to the costs of printing and distribution - and that'll need some currency.

Create a new satirical comic book 'The Brexit',  based on the popular social media account  @Trump_ton.

We want to create an old-school comic book that follows the United Kingdom over the cliffs of Brexit with a cast of characters like the Brexit Bunch, The BrexitSkulls, Dave the Dodger and Mr Trump (soon to feature in his own book - Mr Trump Goes To Washington).

The Brexit will be based on the cartoons created by Michael Mayor (#FakeName) which were, in turn, based on the characters created by Gordon Murray (#RealName) for the classic kid's TV show, Trumpton, and a parody of classic comics like The Beano (#1) and Whizzer & Chips (#2).

(Mock-up of Issue #1)

We also want to reach out to other cartoonists and contributors and, unusually for the internet, pay them - which will make life a little easier for Mike.

Initial funding will generate funds to create Issue #1, but we want to secure enough to let us plan a quarterly print run and set up a subscription and distribution network.

By supporting this project you will help to ensure that the creator of Trump_ton can focus on his creation instead of having to do any real work and you'll be able to say "I paid for that crap!" when you see one of his lame jokes on Facebook or Twitter.

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