The Brexit Video upgrades

by Get The Truth in London, England, United Kingdom

The Brexit Video upgrades
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Can you help us make the Brexit Video even better?

by Get The Truth in London, England, United Kingdom


Firstly, we'd like to give a huge thank you to everyone who has supported this project so far. The Brexit Video has got off to a great start on Facebook reaching 306,000 views in just a few weeks which is fantastic.

However, we've taken on board a lot of feedback both from Leave and Remain voters and we've decided to make a number of amendments and improvements to the video.  Most notably, now that momentum is building in the support of a People's Vote, we want to refocus our video towards this goal.

The Crowdfunder(s)

1) The Brexit Video amendments: 

  • During the immigration sequence - to cut the line "because immigration has put pressure on jobs and public services"
  • At the end of this scene scene - to change the line "but our government chose not to" to "if we wanted to."
  • During the end sequence - to change the line "and sign the petition for a second referendum" to "and sign the petition for a People's Vote on the final Brexit deal" (with the People's Vote logo on the computer screen)
  • A few other minor amends e.g. “it’s now two years since the referendum” + date on the calender etc.

2) Extra video content taking on the popular press

  • Create an additional 1 minute of video covering the popular media bias and Conservative Party. What we have noticed from the comments many Leave voters are making on the video is that they don't believe it. From the outset, we knew it was going to be a huge challenge to change the opinion of some Leave voters who have developed firm beliefs about the EU after years of reading these newspapers. We need to break down this trust in order to change the opinion of this large portion of the public to give us the best chance of stopping Brexit, and in bringing change to the political situation in the UK.

The Script (to be finalised)

Ok, so you might be thinking, why should I believe this video when the papers tell a different story? Well, because the media like to keep us in the dark..

Our most popular papers like The Daily Mail and The Sun are owned by billionaires who support Brexit because they will gain financially from it. It’s the same reason why they support the Conservative Party, to keep their taxes low.

And whilst it may be hard to believe..that a newspaper could mislead us and hide us from the truth, that's what they do.

For the last few years the popular papers have blamed immigration for all our problems, in the same way they blame health tourism for the NHS's just not true. 

And the sad part is, that whilst we're all distracted, or arguing with eachother, the Conservative Party continue to cut our public services and privatise our NHS. 

Brexit is not the solution, and now that we're beginning to understand what Brexit really means, it's only right that the people are given a vote on the final Brexit deal.

So please get involved and help support the People's Vote, and let's fight for a better future for everyone. Thank you.

2) To raise money to promote The Brexit Video on Facebook

We want to spread the word about Brexit and the People's Vote with paid promotion across Facebook. Any funding raised over the video production costs will go towards this.

3) To create a new 'Austerity / The Truth About The Conservative Party' video

Some of you may have seen our previous Election Video which had over 2 million views on Facebook. It is in the same style as The Brexit Video and covered austerity and the Conservative Party in the run up to the 2016 General Election. We want to make an edit of this video, removing the scenes about the election and the Labour Party, and to re-format it into a square aspect ratio with subtitles. We'd also like to add some additional content to this e.g. the north-south divide and the decline of our industries. This video would be a great follow up video to The Brexit Video and will help to further break down the public’s trust in the Conservative Party. 

*more screenshots below


We'd love to hear your thoughts about this project and any further edit ideas, feedback or script suggestions you may have. Please drop us an email at

We are crowdfunding for £3000 which will cover all of the above and give us some funding to promote the video. If we raise less than this target we will do as much as we can depending on our budget. If we raise more then all funding will go into paid promotion of the videos on Facebook.

Thank you so much,

The Get The Truth team.

Austerity’ Video screenshots:

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