The Brexit Academy

by Headmaster, in Manchester, England, United Kingdom

The Brexit Academy


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Help young people build a better world. Help expand this impressive service for young people that take real action in public life.

by Headmaster, in Manchester, England, United Kingdom

The Future of Brexit dawned at the European Election across the UK.  That new future is about being ready for the next General Election, bringing young people into contesting many of the 650 seats;  changing democracy.  Brexit was clearly decided by the people now Westminster must deliver while broadening diversity, building respect and trust through an engaging approach.  Brexit means the UK must be action ready.  Ready to build a better life for all.  

We know people have been ignored.  No longer to be ignored. The rise in action campaigns like the Extinction Revolution proves what the public want. Voice and democracy. The Brexit Academy is here to develop decision makers; reinventing, reshaping and protecting the qualities we value most.

The Brexit Academy is a start up Company like no other, it mirrors the Brexit Party ethos where subscribers will decide on shape of things to come, working together.  Importantly the subscribers become the stakeholders. 

Changing Politics Forever needs Westminster to change.  This project helps train candidates in leadership skills, ensuring candidates are not below Level 3 using highly successful Awarding Bodies.  Having the best skills to stand up in Parliament with confidence changes the way things are done. Pledge to The Brexit Academy today.  Help people have the best qualifications for the job ahead. Rebuild Britain. Help change politics forever.


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