The Briat Escape

The Briat Escape

Me & my partner been in London for 10 years now and we had it... We want out! So we're working on 'The Briat Escape'!

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

'The Briat Escape' 

First of all we need to express our gratitude for all the great opportunity and amazing live experience that London gave us! It's been a good run! 

Bouth of us have many years in the hospitality industry. Manu is a trained Chef and worked in various management positions within the industry. 

We are planning to move to Portugal and find a hostel to work and live in with our dog!

So either you are rooting for us or are one of those people who voted out on brexit we are giving you the change to helps out! 

We are not free loaders... We bought work and pay out taxes... We don't get sponge of benefits or do any illegal schemes... 

Just to early 30's looking to settle down in greener pastures. 

Thanks for taking the time and thank you in advance for any contribution at all! 

Flavs & Manu