The Botanical Bus

The Botanical Bus

Bringing real flowers to the festival world.

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We're raising money to launch the Botanical Bus and bring real flowers to the festival world!

Thank you for checking out our crowdfunding page - we really appreciate all the support and interest. The Botanical Bus is an exciting brand new startup bringing floristry to the festival world - we are hoping to convert an old Citroen HY van into a beautiful floral haven which will tour the UK summer festivals, selling real floral headbands, floral headpieces, teas and cakes.

This will be a really unique addition to festival trading, as despite the popularity of impressive festival headgear, there is nobody on the UK festival scene using real flowers.

We're trying to raise £5000 for the initial startup costs of running our business, so whether you can donate £3 or £300, we really appreciate every contribution!

Having already been accepted to trade at WOMAD festival this July, we are completing applications for many more and need the support of fellow flower-loving people to make it happen. If you'd like to see the Botanical Bus at a festival you're going to, be sent a fresh flower headdress of your own or even have us come to your event and run a workshop, please check out our very special rewards and pledge your support.

The Botanical Bus will also work to raise vital funds for The Bee Conservation Trust to support their campaign to save the bees.

A HUGE THANK YOU to everyone for helping us out along the way - we hope to see you with the Botanical Bus at a festival very soon!

Meg, Theo, Jenny & the rest of Botanical Bus Team x




What is the Botanical Bus?

We are planning to convert at old Citroen HY van into a floral festival haven, complete with a deckchair and greenhouse area, where festival goers can take a moment to sit back from the festival madness, drink our floral inspired teas and ice teas, and enjoy a selection of flower based cakes. Decked out with the freshest seasonal flowers from local suppliers, we will sell floral headbands and even hold workshops for festival goers to learn the tricks of the trade.


[The dream bus]

Our floral headbands

We will work with local suppliers to bring the freshest and locally sourced flowers to ever festival and event we attend. Our headbands are handmade and can be made to order during events.

[More photos coming shortly!]


Who are BumbleBee Conservation Trust?

The Botanical Bus is proud to support the vital work of the Bumblebee Conservation Trust in their campaign to save the bees - bee populations in the UK have crashed in recent years, and their is a serious need to protect our local British species from extinction. We will fundraise for this charity at festivals to support their work.



Why do we need your help?

We are a small group of recent graduates with a big idea and little financial support. Having attended, volunteered at, organsied, litter picked and stewarded many different festivals between us, we are sure that The Botanical Bus will be a huge success and will fill a definite gap in the market on the UK festival scene. All of your support, ideas and funding will be hugely appreciated, and will help us to get the wheels of The Botanical Bus on the road!