The Blue Orb Project

by The Blue Orb Project in London, England, United Kingdom

The Blue Orb Project
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We are looking to set up a UK based charity with the intention of using global art projects to highlight the plight of endangered animals.

by The Blue Orb Project in London, England, United Kingdom

Welcome, my name is Marc Craig and I am an artist based in London and I am the founder of The Blue Orb Project. The Blue Orb Project is a creative vision that has grown considerably in a short space of time to become an idea of using creative projects on a global stage to highlight the plight of endangered animals. It is the one commonality and responsibility that all the countries of the world can connect with as no country is immune to the fact that they have animals who are struggling with the stark reality of potential extinction. 

We are excited that our first launch mission will be an ambitious project to get an individual artist from as many of the recognised countries (or states in a country) that cover Planet Earth to work on a 2m by 2m PVC panel with a group of local school children creating an image of an animal that is endangered in their country. These panels will be brought together for a major world traveling exhibition and at some point will be combined to create one huge collaborative mural about endangered animals. We are also asking the participating artists to work on a wall/mural piece in their country of an animal that is endangered from a different country. 

We have 40 artists who have shown interest already but before we embrace the potential of what this project can offer we are looking to make The Blue Orb Project into a charity so it can be as effective as possible in reaching sources of funding, connecting with creative people/groups/organisations and achieving it's main purpose to highlight the reality of endangered species and what we can do to support them in a creative way.

There is understandably a detailed process in setting up a charity in the UK and we are looking to get support with this from Charity Expert, a UK based company that will do all the paperwork and set up process for you so that it adheres to and satisfies the Charity Commission's requirements in the UK. They offer packages in this respect and we are looking to raise £995 for the Platinum Package which will help with...

1. Creating a suitable governing document with exclusively charitable objectives.

2. Application to register with the Charity Commission providing them with the all the necessary information and documentation and then dealing with ongoing correspondence until the Registered Charity Number is received.

3. Policies including Child Protection; Conflict of Interest; Grant Making or Skeleton Business Plan Framework.

4. 15 months online support for general charity matters.

The link shows this information.

This basic sound framework will enable The Blue Orb Project to have a strong foundation stone so it can work effectively in its capacity as a charity.

To see how the project is developing you are welcome to visit the Facebook Group we have set up where the artists have been patiently congregating as we move forward with our plans.

If you have any questions in regards to this project please don't hesitate to ask and here is more information about me at my website

Below is and image of the 15 limited edition prints that is the reward for those who pledge £200. "Small Psychic Voyage" 2018 Signed limited edition (100) high quality digital print, 260gsm, satin finish, 594mm x 841mm.



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"Small Psychic Voyage" 2018 Signed limited edition (100) high quality digital print, 260gsm, satin finish, 594mm x 841mm. See main page for image.

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