The Black Denims Debut EP

by The Black Denims in Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom


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The Black Denims are looking to raise enough money to fund the recording and distribution of our Debut EP.

by The Black Denims in Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom

My name is, Scott McPherson (@casperplaysbass) I am a 24 year old musician living in Glasgow, Scotland. I play the acoustic guitar, bass guitar, drums and sing.
I founded the Rock 'n' Roll outfit 'The Black Denims' and it is in that project where I currently do all of my creative flexing.
Somehow I've managed to accrue a group of stupidly talented musicians to make the sounds I hear in my head a reality to those who wish to listen to them. Over the past few months I've challenged myself to write a song a day. This process, all be it fulfilling and rewarding, was one of the most difficult wrestling matches I've had to face with myself. But thankfully I've managed to have the opportunity to sonically suplex my material into a recording studio with the help of some of Glasgow's most technically proficient, stylistic and tasteful players that I can get a grip of.

The money pledged will be used to record our Debut EP, Mix + Master our Debut EP and distribute our Debut EP.
Whilst saving up myself and putting everything I can into the project there are still some extra costs that need to be honoured, hence this is why I'm appealing to a wider audience. You.

Now with this, let's talk about the group.
The sound of the group is very diverse. Whilst it has deep roots in American culture, taking inspiration from Country music, Jazz music, Blues and Rock 'n' Roll music it also has a distinctly Traditional/Celtic element. This is brought to light by our Fiddle player, Roo Gedes. Who's wonderful playing gives the sound a timeless feel and really lifts the arrangements to a higher level.
With this, sounding like the love child of Kentucky's own, Ricky Skaggs and Bill Monroe, the mandolin player in the group, Timmy Allan also adds a dollop of traditional purpose to the arrangements coupled with a very raw, energetic stage presence when playing live.
With open arms, the band welcomes Aberdonian native, Tim Brough, who's hands bleed with the soul of New Orleans when tickling the ivories for us. Tim's playing is indicative of his idols, Dr. John, James Booker, Prof. Longhair and Ray Charles and it was these very artists that bonded our friendship.
Percussionist and drummer for the group, Michael McGee, has been a close friend of mine for over 6 years and played the first ever The Black Denims show back when the band was a two piece punk outfit circa 2014. Mick's straight to the point, no nonsense personality shines through in his playing as he is the most solid drummer on the Glasgow music scene at the moment. Relentless groove and unmatched energy when playing live makes Mick an easy choice for recording with.
Another key addition to the overall sound would be our Pedal Steel player, Conor Smith. Who's playing is reminiscent of the Ralph Mooneys and the Bucky Baxter's of the world. Conor adds an elasticity to the sound and manages to find spaces, effortlessly, in which his parts can live comfortably. It's a real treat to play with him and his infinite, encyclopaedic, musical wisdom.
On the Upright Bass and the Electric Fretless Bass we have another long time close friend of mine, Iain Gordon-Smith, who's playing has moulded the sound of the band since the early days. His energetic live performances, musical creativity and dedication to groove fit into the sound perfectly and make the songs what they sound like today.
Last but not least, the only other man on earth taller than me, the vivacious and incorrigible, Harry Weir. Harry is horn blowing enigma. I first heard of him around 5 years ago and thought his playing sounded like a mixture of John Coltrane and anxiety. His tone is the most recognisable in Glasgow and packs a punch harder than Tyson in the first round. He is an essential part of the sound and a valued member of the group.

With you knowing a little bit about everyone and what the band sounds like I would like to thank you, from the bottom of my heart, SO much for reading. This is essentially a passion project of mine that I would love to get off the ground. Your efforts in helping fund our cause will grant you early physical access to the material on shiny plastic disk or the material via the medium of download code link.

Thank you very much!

Scott x


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£20 or more

Ledge Pack

Limited Edition T Shirt + Physical and Digital Copy of EP

£10 or more

£10 Physical Early Bird Copy of EP

An early copy of The Black Denims Debut EP in both Physical + Digital formats.

£50 or more

Super Ledge Steak Dinner Pack

You will receive a Physical + Digital Copy of the Debut EP whilst Scott + Iain come round to your gaff and cook you a steak dinner. (Bottle of red included)

£75 or more

Meet and Radge Pack (Wee Mick Edition)

Your chance to hang out on the Golf course or at the Celtic Shop with Glasgow's friendliest drummer, Michael (Wee Mick) McGee + Physical/Digital Copies of the Debut EP.

£75 or more

Meet and Radge Pack (Tim Brough Edition)

Your chance to relax w/Tim Brough and bond over a cup of tea and a 1hr N.O. Piano lesson courtesy of the man himself! + Physical/Digital Copies of the Debut EP

£75 or more

Meet and Radge Pack (Roo Gedes Edition)

Your chance to sit and discuss, at length, (max 1hr) the intricacies of Trad and Classical music from Glasgow's only Violinist with long hair, Roo Gedes. + Physical/Digital Copies of the Debut EP

£75 or more

Meet and Radge Pack (Timmy Allan Edition)

Hat shopping w/ the absolute-mand enthusiast Timmy Allan. With this pack Timmy will accompany you to a hat shop and you will be advised which hat fits your head frame the best. Alternatively you could cash in and secure a free guitar lesson from the man himself + Physical/Digital Copies of the Debut EP!

£75 or more

Meet and Ragde PAck (Hazza Dubz Edition)

Sit in a dark room w/ Harry whilst he shows you his favourite Wu-Tang Clan songs and teaches you how to squeal obnoxiously on the saxophone (Min 7hrs) + Physical/Digital copies of Debut EP

£100 or more

Sit in Radge Pack

Sit in w/ the band while we record our next single and choose which solo not to put on the record.

£350 or more

Super Ultra Mega Ledge Pack

The Black Denims will play a live acoustic performance in your house whilst gifting you a physical version of the Debut EP.

£500 or more


You honestly don't want to know and probably won't survive. + Physical/Digital Copies of the Debut EP

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