The Black Curriculum National Programmes

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The Black Curriculum National Programmes

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The Black Curriculum is an initiative that teaches Black history all year round in the school year, to 8-16 year olds.

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Felicity Szesnat 29th July 2020

As a white South African, I was subjected to the apartheid government's version of history, and had to learn our real history for myself. It made me a life long activist against racism. Aluta continua.

steven carton 20th July 2020

Great idea. the understanding of history that people in England, in particular, get from the education system is shocking. Initiatives such as the Black Curriculum seem to me like a great way of telling the story of the other side of colonialism.

Scarlett O'Hara 14th July 2020

I fully support this worthwhile project. It's taken too long for our history curriculum to be properly updated and reflect our population and we need all our kids to reach their full potential.

Anna Streiffert Limerick DK 2nd July 2020

My youngest is currently studying Empire/Slavery in school - although effort is being made by teachers, I constantly have to add or modify the narrative given to avoid him just getting the white gaze version. If all teachers and curriculum setters could be inspired to read up on the subject more that would be wonderful, and obviously if schools could get essential reading too for students, eg Akala's Ruins of Empire and Johnny Pitts' Afropean for various bits of historic insights. Thanks for your work!

Shanthie Wild 2nd July 2020

This project is wonderful, I think there are some people doing things locally but it needs to become part of the national curriculum which is why I hope you get fully funded to drive this forward. I hope eventually we will have a comprehensively global and post-colonial outlook in our education system, teaching how British history fits with other parts of the world as well as the stories of people's who came here to make modern Britain. Teaching working class history is also vital so we understand colonialism and racism was taught to promote the interests of the 1%, ordinary people are on the same side. Really excited to see how your work develops, thank you so much.

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