The Bird In The Window

This is a neo-noir gangster thriller about a good guy who is hauled into an unfamiliar world of dangerous men and even more dangerous women.

We did it!

On 11th Dec 2016 we successfully raised £1,507 of £1,500 target with 40 supporters in 21 days

A neo-noir gangster thriller about a good guy who is hauled into an unfamiliar world of dangerous men and even more dangerous women.

It is almost three years ago since Cameron (writer and director) started planning an idea he had for a neo-noir gangster film. He has long been an admirer of the pioneering work of Sergio Leone and Quentin Tarantino and their inspiration has been a driving factor in pursuing the challenge of getting the film made. Today, after four complete rewrites and the help of some exceptionally talented filmmakers, we are proud to announce that The Bird in the Window is well into production, but we need your help.

When Cameron and Tulsi (producer) first met to discuss the film they set out the ambitious goal of creating a film that would have the quality to go on to be screened at film festivals all around the world. After looking at what we have already filmed, and what is to come, we still truly stand by the gravitas of that aim, but we need your support to get over the finish line.

As students, money is very tight and we simply cannot afford the entry cost of the film festivals we wish to enter. After the tirless hours put into the film, by the incredibly talented cast and crew, it would be amazing to get as much exposure as possible, which is why we would like to put a large bulk of funding towards festival entry fees. If we don't achieve our target amount then we will not receive any of the money and so concequently will not be able to enter any of the festivals. Below you can find a list of film festivals that we would be entering.

We have also put our own money into the project in the way of transport, props and costumes and we still have just under half the film to shoot. We have tried to keep the budget as tight as possible, meaning your donation today will go a long way in allowing the film to be finished to its full potential and screened to audiences all over the world. 

Please find below a detailed budget breakdown, so you know where your money will be going! 

Festival Entry Fees:

Raindance Film Festival


Lift Off London


Norwich Short Film Festival


Prague Indie Festival


Cine/Fest Sittard


No Gloss Film Festival


Miami Indie Festival


Top Indie Film Awards


West Texas Film Festival

Free for students

Brighton Film Club


AAB Int. Film Festival


Busan International Art Film Festival


Filmestival Kitzbuehel


Transylvania Cinema Awards


London Short Film Festival


New Orleans Film Festival


New York Int Film Festival


Humphrey Bogart Film Festival


Hong Kong Art House Festival


L.A Neo Noir Film Festival


Mosaic World Film Festival


American Pavilion Emerging Filmmaker at Cannes Film Festival




-taxi fares, train fares, bus fares




Costume & Props

-prop guns, other props, shoes, shirts


Hair and Makeup



-hard drives, batteries



-poster designs, poster prints, social media


Venue Hire

-Private screening, drinks, food 


Additional Fees

-Extra food, travel, location fees, snacks, equipment hire




Thank you very much for looking at our page and supporting our project!

'You shouldn't dream your film, you should make it!' Stephen Spielberg


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