The Big Goodbye

The Big Goodbye

The Big Goodbye is the third play in the trilogy of disorganised crime by writer Wayne Miller. Lets raise a fund to support new writing

We did it!

On 12th May 2016 we successfully raised £100 with 7 supporters in 56 days

The Big Goodbye is the third play in the trilogy of disorganised crime by North East writer Wayne Miller.

Previous plays The Big Time and The Big Hit have both went on to be performed at The Customs House Theatre to great review.  Both previous productions featured a host of top North East actors, many of which have performed on stages all around the UK and on many tv shows.

The Big Goodbye is the final peice of the puzzle and with dates set for June this year at The Customs House Theatre in South Shields we hope to raise money toward our budget to be able to stage this brand new comedy.

All money raised will go to paying a great cast & crew, set, props and costumes. In times where the arts are struggling we turn to good people and arts lovers to help keep theatre alive. Supporting new writing , acting talent and the local theatres that survive from old and new audiences coming through the doors.

Please drop us a donation no matter how small and help spread the word

*****Please Note***** our overall ideal target may be £2000 but any and all £'s will be a great lifeline.

 A fundraising night will also be held in May with the support of North East muscians coming together to help in our quest.

 Now a little about the play

The Big Goodbye

by Wayne Miller


Jerry is dead, his funeral has arrived

Jacks attends his best friends funeral to say his farewells, remember the good & bad times they shared together. Only Jacks isnt the only one to turn up on this sad day! Others will arrive who dont hold fond memories and some to make sure he really is dead, ready to throw the dirt on his coffin.

Jacks must survive the bad buffet, the dirt digging , the back stabbing and the full on family battles. Will this be the death of Jacks too? will there be blood thats up the walls or just the bad Marie Rose Sauce?

Come see for yourself as you too are invited to say a Big Goodbye

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