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To save our future we need think reusable not disposable. Join the refill revolution and create change with each and every hand wash.

by Joanne Wharton in Darlington, England, United Kingdom

More than 120 billion units of packaging are produced every year by the global cosmetics industry, most of which are not recyclable. 

While 90% of us recycle kitchen waste, 50% of Brits don’t recycle bathroom waste simply because it’s inconvenient, meaning 2.7 billion plastic bottles hit landfill every year. Combined with the unnecessary, harmful ingredients hidden in our beauty products, it poses a negative impact on both our planet and our health.

With 99% of all beauty packaging thrown out after just one use, the need for brands to stem their over packaging, as well consumers to curb the frequency of their consumption, is paramount. The beauty and personal care industry is growing by several percent each year. That only means one thing - more plastic-shaped problems. 

The first refillable liquid hand soap delivered straight to your door. THE BIG FILL will eliminate problematic and unnecessary single-use plastic packaging through redesign and innovation.

A basic necessity to kill germs and a chic sink-side accessory—no matter how you think of hand soap, there’s no denying that you need it.

REFILLABLE: refillable packaging cuts down on the overall amount of waste that we produce and leave behind on this planet. Even better our refills are wallet-friendly - much like when you get a discount for bringing a reusable coffee cup for your latte, buying refills is cheaper than a brand new product.

PLASTIC FREE: housed in a beautiful recycled glass vessels each bottle will last you a life time. Unfortunately our pumps aren’t yet plastic free but we are working on this! Fear not, just like the bottle one pump will last you a lifetime so no need to sling it into landfill like other liquid soap bottles. Hooray! 

SUBSCRIBE + SAVE: So when you run out, refills are automatically delivered on your chosen subscription dates. That means less environmentally-harmful packaging clogging our landfills, and less damage to our bank balance, as refills are cheaper than re-buying the original product. Win-win.

NATURAL: suitable for the most sensitive of skins you won’t find any unnecessary nasties in our soap. That means no parabens, no sulphates, no silicones, no mineral oils and no artificial colours or fragrances. No thank you!

ORGANIC: we are working to get our hand soap certified organic by the Soil Association. Organic certification is a guarantee that at every stage thought and care is given to reducing our environmental impact.

VEGAN: Love dogs, Love Cat? Don't worry, we never use any animal products in our soap and only ever test on us humans.

FIGHTING WASTE: we are working with local coffee shops to turn waste coffee grounds into skin loving coffee oil to add to our skin loving soap.

COMBINING SUSTAINABILITY WITH DESIGN: when designing our sustainable packaging, we wanted something that looked and felt luxurious, not just another thing to discard. Liquid soap might be practical, but it doesn't have to be boring.

The beauty industry now, more than ever needs to reduce the impact of plastic pollution, with new thoughtful packaging strategies.

Research from Garnier found that 4.5million people don’t recycle bathroom products because it’s inconvenient while Mintel in its Global Consumer Trends Report 2019, recognises a significant change in consumer attitudes which is forcing a movement towards glass and refillable packaging.

Health and Body Care Buyer at Planet Organic Research has found that eco-friendly packaging is more important to consumers than ever – those aged 25-34 in particular now check that packaging is environmentally friendly before purchasing their beauty must-haves.

By 2050 The Waste and Resources Action Programme wants to eliminate single use packaging and 100% of packaging to be reusable, recyclable or compostable and Fashionista reports ‘Refillable packaging is the trend taking over!’

As the demand for refillable and reusable solutions continue to grow The Big Fill is perfectly positioned to launch straight to success.

After 10 months of researching, designing and testing we are ready to go into production. The next step is to get our first batch of soap produced and straight to sink side by January 2020. 

As well as our subscription service a number of local bars, restaurants and cafes have show interest in stocking our refillable hand washes. Supplied in signature glass bottles we can add the company logos while supplying 5 litre refills which we can collect, clean, refill and redeliver.

A successful raise will allow to invest in several key areas of the business. I am aiming to raise £10,000 which will go towards purchasing soap making equipment, materials, building a website and product placement PR. The more money you pledge, the more   people we can get to join the Refill Revolution and the more unnecessary plastic pollution we can prevent.

Our day to day choices shape the world. Lets create change and make each and every hand-washing session more sustainable.

The Big Fill is a start up company based in Darlington. Founded by Joanne Wharton after her love of clean beauty and beautiful bottles of soap collided;

“As I drained the final contents of my luxury, overpriced, swoon worthy bottle of hand soap I noted more unnecessary, single use plastic. I have the reusable coffee cup, refillable water bottle and glass straws to boot, but why wasn’t I approaching my beauty purchases in the same way?!”

With the average household having up to 5 sinks that’s a lot of soap bottles being mindlessly discarded each and every week. 

While conducting market research I found a lot of natural liquid soap formulas aren't always the most user friendly and aesthetics tend to be a bit underwhelming. THE BIG FILL is breaking the rules on how things have been done for a long time, I’m proving beauty, luxury and sustainability can coexist!


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