The Big Cheese - an illustrated story for children

The Big Cheese - an illustrated story for children

To publish a children's story book, illustrated by Fi McGoldrick and written by Leslie Hampson.

We did it!

On 15th May 2017 we successfully raised £1,628 of £1,500 target with 93 supporters in 43 days

The Big Cheese is an illustrated book for children (age 4 - 11) by Fi McGoldrick (pictures) and Leslie Hampson (words). 

We are raising funds to have the book published through The Choir Press. This sum will pay for The Choir Press to produce the book (typesetting, preparing the artwork, providing the ISBN, etc., ) and will enable us to have an initial print run of 200 copies of the book. All those who support the project via Crowdfunder will receive a copy. After this initial run of books is published, The Big Cheese will then be available for others to buy  via the print on demand services offered by Amazon, Waterstones Online and others. All profits from the publishing of the book will be donated to Birmingham St. Mary's Hospice


The Big Cheese is the story of Albert, a poor but enterprising rat, who lives in the town of Cheeseworth where the townsfolk have an obsessive desire for winning the biggest of cheesemaking prizes.

Unfortunately, the townsfolk also have a passionate hatred for rats – a passion matched only by the rats' love of…..cheese.

As the townsfolk (with  Mary their prize winning cow) set out to make the biggest cheese in the world, to win the biggest cheese making prize in the world, the rats plan to steal the cheese. And so begins a battle for dominance that reaches an unexpected conclusion.

When all of the town’s rats are imprisoned, only Albert manages to escape. Hounded through the town, he is chased down to the river where Mary, the prize cow, has become entangled and needs to be saved. As Albert hides, the crowd find Mary and, despite their best efforts, they cannot free her.

Can Albert save Mary the cow?

Can he earn his freedom?

Can he change the town of Cheeseworth forever?

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