The best Christmas ever!

To produce a Christmas animation/film. To promote Steam Power and encourage new people to learn about steam powered traction engines & cars

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Here it is folks - it's the annual Steam Traction World festive film.
It's December 24th and there is a very special delivery en-route from Steam Traction World to our hero - Dave. It's the very last delivery of his...oh, we won't spoil it for you, we'll let you watch it for yourself.
See the current film HERE

We have hand-drawn every character and background (and introduced some from this years crop of shop/supermarket adverts), wrote the script, even sang the words. With the resources available to us, we believe it's not a bad effort however, we know we can better.

Next year we'd like the presentation to be even better - a higher quality production with ultimately more people given the opportunity to see it. We are really creative and have spent a lot of time on the current film (and previous years - have a search on YouTube for 'Steam Traction World Christmas') and would like more people to see them. We have a few ideas already and we'd really like you to get involved.

If you support the project (by donating £150 or over) we would like to thank you with a very special treat - a fully hands-on driver/passenger experience in one of our amazing steam powered cars, each one over 100 years old. The package is worth £199. See the rewards section for more.