The Bench Collective DH

To buy a mini Bus for the school to drive around UK and Europe and promote Longboarding.

We did it!

On 10th Jan 2017 we successfully raised £130 with 9 supporters in 28 days

We are a longboard collective based in London. Together we intend to involve new members and run trips  around the UK and Europe offering people a less intimidating environment in which they can develop themselves. We wish to see longboarding grow, encouraging young people to start skating and also supporting amatuer riders, we want to give people opportunity to emerge.

We need this money to buy a minibus so we can take people on trips to hills around the UK and Europe. We want to provide our learners and the other members of Bench Collective with access to these hills so they can improve in an environment skating with other people, and having spotters/marshalls so we do this safely which currently is only available at events. The van will allow us to take enough people to make this possible. 

As a collective our goal is to grow so if you would like to join us or you know somebody that is interested please get in contact with us we would love for you to get involved. 

The things we are doing  already-

Developing the skills and abilities of amatuer riders with Coaching sessions.

Hosting events in london and run regular skate trips

Promoting healthy living and exercise

Networking with other skate crews and shops around the globe

What we aim to do-

Attract new participants creating an impacting and influencial media presence aimed at a variety of audiences

Start Longboard classes in schools and youth groups to promote this sport into the next generation.

Support up and comming amatuer riders by having the equipment to film and edit

Organise more trips to mainland Europe

This is a lot to do but we are a motivated team and we have beleif in the collective blossoming  please help and support us.

People part of the collective already-

Fran Puig; Ben Noddy; Luka szewski; Jorge Higgins; Ben Steiner; Luca James Barton; James Gunn; Maria Diaz; Brandon Fanthome; Diego Vazquez; Adi Shor; Ruben Loosmore; Pietro Bonetti; Alessio Pagliara; Stephen Fernandez; Robertas Staskus; Matt Savill; Alan Fester; Cleo Endersby

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