The Beauty Bus
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I am raising money to help start a business and give Corporate London affordable hair and beauty services.

by Charlie Eastwood in London, England, United Kingdom

Working as a therapist in beautiful Piccadilly, London. I quickly realised a lot of my clients where corporate people or Tourists. 

My higher managers and HR in the very large company I worked in would rely on beauty therapists to rebook clients from hair services as well as beauty services, but where never open to the ideas of any of their therapists in keeping the beauty spa busy ie: advertising and offers

Unfortunately it resulted in the flagship store salon sending beauty therapists to other sites as we would be lucky if we had 2 clients in a 10 hour shift. Where as hairdressers would be booked all day long, through great advertising!

When asking my clients why they didn’t come so often they would often say, ‘I come here once a month as I could not afford to come more’, or ‘I can get this treatment done for half the price locally I’m just busy this week.’

The cost of the services need to be higher because the cost of the buildings and because of the location. 

So I thought how could I go around that but still make a profitable business.?

The idea come to me to build a beauty bus, targeting commuters and corporate people. Who earn a average wage just like me! 

I want to build this bus and go on to buy and plot more buses around London, in my career iv been fortunate enough to have met amazing therapists and hairdressers.

The idea is when in London this bus does blow dries, waxing manicures, pedicures, lashes LVL lifts make up hair up, express facials and retail products. 

With monthly events such as 

1 day a month Botox and fillers 

1 day a month semi permanent make up

1 day a month teeth whitening 

I also want to take the bus to festivals and do hair make up, manicures, sell water, hippy assessories, baby wipes ect 

I have a team of people with various accomplishments. 

Beauty is the fastest and largest growing business in the world. 

I want to make a imprint on that. 

So far in this you will see Iv wrote a lot of ‘i’ 

That’s because I have worked towards this for 6 years. Saving qualifying, studying working, looking after the children, running a house, it’s all been very hard. And it’s harder saving money when on your own and responsible for so many things. 

But I believe in myself, because I have come this far. 

Eventually once the buses are in place, I want to continue to opening training academy’s for the company DetailedAppearance and teach using our own range of products. 

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