The Baby Shower Lounge for positive pregnancies

by Before Baby in London, England, United Kingdom

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Better pregnancies through beautiful babyshowers: partying our way to positive pregnancy experiences!

by Before Baby in London, England, United Kingdom

It takes a village to raise a child...and that starts right from the beginning: pregnancy! 

I want to create positive pregnancy experiences by encouraging women, families and friends to support each other in pregnancy, encouraging positive pre-natal mental health through throwing beautiful baby showers at our baby shower lounges - aka stylish parties to celebrate pregnancy!

About myself and Before Baby

I'm a baby shower party planner, and over the past 10 years, my side hustle has been throwing hundreds of baby showers through my business Before Baby for all sorts of different mums-to-be. 

I've created a fail-safe baby shower combination of insta-worthy decorations alongside fun group games to create lasting memories and I've had overwhelmingly positive feedback from mums-to-be on their experiences. If you've been to a Before Baby baby shower, you'll know that our baby showers are a little different from the average baby shower as within them, we have a strong focus on building relationships, plus our parties are completely suitable for women of all ages and backgrounds as well as men and children.

Far from focusing on gifting or unneccessary expense, when properly done, our baby showers can be a significant chance for women to be given practical and emotional support when they need it most and an absolutely amazing opportunity for mum-to-be to bond with her friends and family.

Whilst we all know about post-natal depression, it seems to be a lesser known fact that many mums-to-be suffer significant anxiety during pregnancy: 1 in 10 suffer some form of pre-natal depression - I was one of those women. My friends threw me a surprise baby shower and it was a bit of a gamechanger for me to see how much love I had around me when I embarking on the scariest chapter of my life: motherhood. At the very least, at that time, a seemingly trivial baby shower celebration reminded me that I had a serious little army of friends and family to support me.

Baby showers are more than just an excuse for a party. They can be a great pregnancy pick me up, a little antidote to pre-natal stress & anxiety. But ask any friend or grandmother to be, they do take a little bit (well a lot) of planning to pull one off and a bit of cash...

Introducing the Baby Shower lounge...

In order to allow as many women as possible to have a great pregnancy experience, without the hassle of planning it or the considerable costs, we travel around London and spin the Before Baby magic in a different location each weekend - we'll host our most popular games and bring our best decorations, hosting up to 5 baby showers on each day, therefore keeping the costs to mum-to-be and her friends low, but the quality of the experience high. For the price of the average escape room or less you can have a private 2 hour party with cupcakes, entertainment and keepsakes.

Giving back: At each location we visit, we'll allocate a free slot to a mums-to-be that have been put forward by members of the community or their friends. We'll also work with local charities and the community to have a "baby bank" - a drop off points for used baby items so that mums to be in financial difficulty can take away pre-loved items.

Why your help counts: As it's a pop up model, we'll be changing location regularly, our model relies on the lounges being well booked at each location in advance to be able to ensure the parties are kept at a low rate for mum-to-be and need help to market the pop up lounges so women know they can book early as well as nominate friends or family for a free shower or visit our drop off point.

What you'll gain:

Apart from the joy of showering a mum to be with love and support there are a range of rewards from a free baby shower gift for a loved one, an anonymous gift to a pregnant woman in need of a pick me up, or even a free baby shower!

If you are lovely enough to help, don't forget to send me your details, so we can arrange where your reward can be sent to or organise your booking.

Thanks for reading us and helping me to create more positive pregnancy experiences for every woman, one beautiful baby shower at a time!


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£50 or more

Shower a mum-to-be in need with love & a gift

We will work with a prenatal pregnancy charity to select a mum-to-be in need, or you can nominate a mum to be in need to be anonymously sent a baby shower gift box of organic baby clothes and toys

£2 or more

Guide to Throwing the Best Baby Shower....ever

An e-book with top tips, ideas, printable games and planning information for throwing a baby shower or gender reveal by 'The baby shower experts' Before Baby! Enjoy what we've learnt from throwing hundreds of baby showers to make your baby shower a success. Downloadable from 2nd December 2019

£10 or more

£10 Reward

20% off any baby shower gift purchase on our website

£20 or more

£20 Reward

A complimentary place at one of our baby showers, alongside a booking of 6 or more guests.

£30 or more

£30 Reward

A £30 donation will get you a free place at one of our pop up baby showers or the equivalent in any of our baby shower packages, alongside a booking of 6 or more guests and 25% off baby shower gifts on our website:

£75 or more

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£75 Reward

A £75 donation will get a luxury gift-wrapped free gift box delivered to a mum-to-be of your choice with organic baby clothes, toys and skincare

£150 or more

0 of 3 claimed

£150 Reward - Free Pop up Baby Shower

A £150 donation will get you a free baby shower at one of our pop-up locations in London for up to 6 guests

£250 or more

1 of 5 claimed

£20 Reward

• A £250 donation will get you a free 2 hour baby shower for up to 15 guests at one of our pop up locations including favours and games and personalised decoration

£750 or more

0 of 5 claimed

£750 Reward - Free baby shower for up to 35 guests

A £750 donation will get you a bespoke baby shower party planning service including bespoke themed backdrop, feature table and games hosting for up to 35 guests at your own venue/home.

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