The Art Of Unwinding

by Aoife Brewster in Feniton, England, United Kingdom

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I have written a book with illustrations that demonstrate how to achieve pain relief easily at home. However, I need funds to print.

by Aoife Brewster in Feniton, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

This would enable me to invest in more books so I can help more people worldwide, this is my dream and vision.  I would invest in The Art Of Unwinding products, trigger point therapy release tennis balls, Thera bands, Aromatherapy massage wax,clothing, posters and wellbeing gift packs . 

Go on dragons den with the gift packs.

Invest in a small marketing team as currently its just me! 


I wrote The Art of Unwinding because I feel it is important to give people access to little known information that will help them manage to gain relief from any skeletal or muscular pain by themselves at home. Also, now with so many people stuck at home and unable to visit their therapist for pain relief, I feel it is urgent this book is published so people have access to this new and hugely valuable pain relief information and techniques.



Understandably, most people do not have a good modern understanding of how the musculoskeletal and fascia systems operate throughout their body. 

At present, this knowledge is veiled from the public and can only be discovered by reading hefty textbooks plus long intensive study. Through my own intensive study, I came to realise that many people who suffer from pain, be it regularly or occasionally would benefit from a book that, in simple terms, reveals some pain relief secrets that are not generally known or available. 

It is my mission to clarify for people, some modern knowledge about our bodies, to show how pain relief works plus show, with simple instructions and clear illustrations how to use superb and easy to apply techniques for relieving any skeletal or muscular physical pain or tension at home. 



Easy to read, this book contains predictable muscular pain patterns so the reader can understand where their pain is coming from and decide confidently how to start easing their own pain. This is achieved either through releasing the trigger points in tight muscles, therapeutic stretching, increasing mobilisation or by strengthening the muscles. 

This book can also be used as a course manual to teach the skills top clinical massage therapists should have for giving advice to their clients to continue their own healing process at home.   



My name is Aoife Brewster and I have been working at Juicy Oasis a high calibre Spa facility as a professional masseuse for 7 years and during that time I have treated over 4,000 people from ballet stars and pop stars, sportsmen through to captains of industry, people of many different sizes, ages and physical builds. 

I have always been fascinated by how our bodies work and what to do when they are not working so well. I have attended many courses from anatomy through to zoology, from aromatherapy to sensory. With 20 years’ experience and intensive involvement with progressive professional development and study, I have completed over 50 courses to date. 

Working with so many clients I have achieved an extremely comprehensive insight into the complex workings of the body and its predictable pain patterns and how it can be relieved in uncomplicated ways.

 I am known for giving the gentlest and longest lasting relief, and achieving ongoing continued improvements. 


 I have been encouraged to write this book by my boss Jason Vale at the famous Juicy Oasis and by many of my friends and clients. Two years ago people started helping me with how to bring all the different elements of writing a book together. The book is complete, designed, proofread and has been sent to experts for approval. The foreword has been written by  Amanda Oswald a leading UK myofascial release specialist from  Harley Street clinic London.

Having successfully treated many people over the years, some of my clients now, due to this present situation cannot continue with their normal treatment regime and are asking me for my book. Hopefully many people will realise when reading this making my book available for use at home so pain relief can be achieved using something as simple as two tennis balls as aids in techniques for accessing comfort. 

However, to do this I now need to raise the funds to put the book in print.

 With the knowledge in this book anybody can now take steps to relieve pain, where the sufferer can accomplish nearly the same result as a highly experienced professional. The book contains great insights into the complex makeup of our bodies and the predictable pain pathways. So, by sharing my depth of experience I can help you achieve powerful long-lasting pain-relieving results in your own home.


"From the stresses that build up through business life and from managing injuries from my ex professional sports career, Aoife’s approach and treatments have had major benefits to stabilising and improving my joint and muscle pain relief. ‘The Art of Unwinding’ brings to life Aoife’s pain relief experience. The effective content and graphics engages you to why and how you can manage pain relief at home. l highly recommend this book for managing pain relief effectively."

Robb Scott; former International Rugby Player

"Once you start reading this book you will not want to put it down. A start to finish must read; full of tools, techniques and a comprehensive understanding of the anatomy of postural pain. I could not wait to try these exercises the first time I read The Art of Unwinding, and it is my first port of call when I or my clients are experiencing pain. I am very excited about this book because Aoife has made it easy for us all to understand how to overcome pain. No gimmicks, no fads, just postural anatomy and how to work with your body without needing to go anywhere other than your bookcase."

Victoria Adams, Yoga, Nutrition + Facial Fitness Specialist @victoriaadams


"I got to know Aoife through her myofascial therapy. She was literally a "life saver" as I had a lot of muscle issues due to cancer treatment. Her treatment and consequent tips to keep me mobile and flexible are not only a relief, but are also  easy and super effective. I'm thrilled that she has taken the time to create this visual "go- to" guide so that her wisdom is accessible to others too. This stuff really helps so I cant recommend it highly enough." 


"Three years ago, I was so stiff it took me several minutes to straighten up after driving or sitting for any length of time. I had been becoming increasingly stiff over the years and thought I had a bad back! By luck I read an article about myofascial therapy and then I found Aoife. With one treatment the difference in my flexibility was amazing. After years of trying chiropractic treatment I had found the solution to my problems. I no longer have a “bad back” and my life has been transformed."

Marion Kong



It is the last part of the final printing of the book I need your help with please. This is because although books can now be printed one by one, the standard and quality I am looking for plus it being available at a reasonable price for everyone, is best achieved by professional printers doing it “properly”


 The money is to be used to print the books. We have researched many printers around the world, checked the quality of their work and found people we know who have worked with our chosen company and have been very satisfied. We have negotiated prices and delivery, so we are ready to go ahead once we have raised the funds.



The price of the book is going to be £11.99. So, for every £8  you contribute we will give you a copy of the book and a thank you letter from me along with a 10% discount on any other of our future products. Like The Art Of Unwinding aromatherapy massage wax and relaxing clothing. For every multiple of £8.00 you can have another book, to give to clients, friends or relatives. 

(We will need to charge post and packaging, so I can’t include this in the appeal as it will vary so much depending on your address and the number of copies.)

 No far from it, the best care will always be from a knowledgeable, experienced and understanding professional. In the book I seek to show how people can bring improvements on their own with the help of some tennis balls and even a friend, where possible I always advise to seek help from a professional.

 I have been writing this book and commissioning the illustration over the last couple of years because I realised that many people cannot get to a practitioner or afford to find an expert who understands fascia. Fascia is the thin membrane that separates muscles and bones keeping them in the correct place. It is this tissue that often “pulls” areas out of comfortable alignment and causes physical pain. It is coincidental that we are bringing the book out now when people cannot get out and see an expert but this book is of great value for all skeletal and muscular pain at all times.

Why isn’t post and packaging included in the contribution you want?
 We have been advised that many who crowdfund want to help bring useful initiatives to reality and not just look for benefits. Yet we feel that those who help the endeavour should benefit so we thought that for each contribution of £8 we would send a copy of the book including the transaction costs but the post and packaging can vary enormously  sending one copy to Australia is a different cost to sending twenty to a fellow body worker in the UK so we cannot include the shipping costs. We have aimed to extend the benefits by giving a permanent 10% discount on all “The Art of Wellbeing” products.

Thank you all very much for your support and the opportunity to help more people.

Love Aoife   


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Free book

You will love my book the famous Jason Vale Aka juice master has written a recommendation and a Foreword from a Harley Street clinical expert. This really is a must have book for every household, therapist, yoga teacher and personal trainer, it contains so much valuable information with regards to your muscular skeletal and facial systems - explained in layman's terms.(plus P&P)

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Free Book and Three Wall Posters

For a pledge of £20, you will receive a copy of the book and three beautifully illustrated wall posters. (plus P&P)These posters provide a visual representation of a range of techniques from the book, including but not limited to, stretching, strengthening and mobilisation.

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Free Book,3 Wall Posters and Printed Accreditation

This reward is only available until May 11th 2020. In addition to your receiving a book and three wall posters; your contribution will be recognised by having your name printed in the book as a Supporter of The Art of Unwinding.(Plus P&P)

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