The Art Of Revolution Exhibition -September 2017

Art of Revolution an exciting new exhibition featuring regional artists and explores the significance and cultural heritage.

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I’m the artist Gennadiy Ivanov and I was born in the USSR. This year I am organising the third in the series of thematic exhibitions; "The Art of Revolution".
The Art of Revolution is dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the Russian Bolshevik October Revolution. The exhibition explores the significance and cultural heritage that the Russian revolution gave to the world of art, music, dance, theater, fashion, design, cinema and explores other siginificant revolutions such as in politics, technology and industry, female emancipation and human rights.
The past exhibitions "War and Peace” and "Asylum” each brought in about 2500 national and international visitors giving us many excellent reviews .
This year more than 30 a local, national and international artists have taken up the theme, interpreting it individually to produce exciting and varied works of art. Together we will make a bright, unforgettable, open, controversial exhibition with more than 150 new artworks in a variety of techniques including:  painting, photography, video, installation, sculpture, poetry, theater, music, dance.
 We will also be offering free drawing classes, lectures, concerts and music and dance performances. The exhibition will spread across Norwich forming an art trail in the city and extending across Norfolk
We have raised some money including grants form the East Anglian Art Fund and Norfolk County Council. We are now asking if you would like to be involved in this exciting project by making a contribution through crowd funding. 
Power to Art!
Power to artists! 
Bring on the Art of Revolution !
And please remember to visit the exhibition in the Undercroft in September.

What: Exhibition “The Art of Revolution 1917-2017”

Where: The Undercroft Gallery, Norwich

When: 5th -30th September 2017

See full program and details of the Poster Competition: 


The Art of Revolution


''In many cultures Red means passion and love. In Tibetan philosophy it signifies connection with the Universe. In the Russian language ‘red’ often means 'beautiful’. ‘Beauty Will Save the World' (Dostoevsky). Artists are responsible for bringing creativity to the world, not only to bring Beauty to it – but to Save it''


The third independent exhibition, organized and curated by the Russian artist Gennadiy Ivanov.

The exhibition is dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the Bolshevik October Revolution and explores its significance and cultural legacy. This will be expressed through industrial art, social art, fine art, music, film, theatre, fashion, performance, design, sex, and political activism.

100 years ago the Socialist Revolution in Russia brought radical approaches in art to the world.

Why don't we stop for a moment, take a look back and risk plunging into the world of revolutionary art? We will see its relevance for today but through the lens of new technologies and media.

History is coloured by artists marking the turning points of epochs for generations to come.

Revolutions can be silent, stormy or invisible. When we mention the word revolution we immediately think of the destruction of old orders and beliefs but artists are in the avant garde, leading cultural change and establishing new principles. This is the power of visual art. The Art of Revolution.

And the 21st century? Do we have complete freedom? Revolution with no canons and blurred ideologies?

Have we been misled by modernism and post modernism? Can art surprise and create something radical now? I don't think so.

Art is becoming more elusive, unreal, virtual, immaterial. No-one can be shocked by formaldehyde animals anymore. But it can be shocking if you take a brush and go back to traditions, back to the origins and to past revolutions.

Pictures reveal the inner world, even if they are of an external reality. Artists strive to encompass human nature therefore we cannot exclude the dark, the gruesome and the tragic depicted with terrifying frankness. Now is an era of revolutionary change and global transformation.

The Art of Revolution:

The Art of Revolution uses art to transform public opinion and to inspire creative action towards social change.

The artworks will be provocative and use the power of visual language and revolutionary words to elicit profound reactions.

These projects will include hands-on art making, outreach and/or public installation and projects relevant to the educational curriculum.

We work to engage and educate the public, nurture artists and activists, and strengthen social justice movements. Our projects will live on in the community, beyond our initial involvement.

The Art of Revolution

Participating professional artists:

    •  Aidan Blythe – installation
    • Alfie Carpenter- performance, paintings
    • Andrew Jay - painting
    • Andy Hornett - installation
    • Deanna Tyson - textile installation
    • Uriy Nikiforov - paintings
    • Gennadiy Ivanov - curator, installation, paintings
    • Gela Durujeli - sculptures
    • Frances Martin – drawings, organiser The Revolution Big Draw
    • Helen Wells - performance
    • John Sparks - paintings
    • Julia Cameron - photographs
    • Linda Johnson – drawings, paintings, installation
    • Martin Swan –assamblage
    • Monika Wesselmann - sculpture
    • Natasha Day - performance
    • Peter Offord - sculpture
    • Richard Cleland - paintings
    • Rob Bellman - paintings
    • Robert Nairn - paintings
    • Simon Marshall - photographs
    • Sophia Shuvalova - paintings
    • Sue law – sculpture, paintings
    • Tanya Goddard - sculpture
    • Viv Castleton- installation
    • Andrew Schumann- picture
    • John Rance- sculpture
    • Ro Seekings-graphics
    • Miroslav Brandejs- sculpture
    • Chris Fry - installation

Models ‘The Revolution Big Draw’ 23rd September 12-4pm (Free) The Undercroft Gallery

Beth Reeks, Alexey Ustin


  1. Helen Wells-concrete poem performances 
  2. Alexey Ustin dance
  3. ‘Total ensemble’ theatre compan
  4. Lord Mayor procession Revolution performance (the Red Tractor and avant-garde costumed people)-exhibition promotion
  5. Edwin Pope & Mutant Vinyl concert 23rd September 5pm , The Undercroft gallery

 Music commission for the Revolution exhibition:

  • Joanna Abel

 Lecture by

  • Lynda Morris

Galleries, exhibition spaces : The Undercroft Gallery, The Forum, The Green House Trust, Anteros Gallery, Bang&Olufsen shop in Norwich, The Revolution de Cuba bar exhibition space.



Меня зовут Геннадий Иванов и я родился в СССР.

 В этом году я организовываю третью тематическую выставку «Искусство Революции», которая посвящается 100-летию Великой Октябрьской Революции большевиков.

 Выставка исследует значение и культурное наследие, которое дала русская революция миру искусства, музыки, танца, театра, моды, дизайна, кино. А так же под впечатлением современной революционной политической активности, индустриальной революции, секс революции.

 Прошлые выставки «Война и мир», «Убежище» собрали около 2500 тысяч зрителей Нориджа и Норфолка, а так же гостей города.

Мы собрали большое количество прекрасных отзывов о выставках, многие говорили, что это лучшие тематические выставки за многие годы в Норфолке.

 Я снова собрал более 30-и местных и зарубежных художников. Художники, которым интересна история прошлого, современная история.

Мы снова сделаем яркую , незабываемую, открытую , спорную выставку.

Более 150-ти художественных работ в разнообразной технике совместит и объединит живопись, фотографию, видео, инсталляцию, скульптуру, поэзию, театр, музыку, танец. У нас будут проводиться открытые занятия по рисованию и лекции, концерты и спектакли.

Выставка пройдет в разных галереях Норвича и Норфолка

 На этой грандиозной выставке будет много работ очень больших размеров, неожиданные конструкции и видео инсталляции.

 Эта выставка заставит застыть время и переведет мысли и идеи художников на холст , бумагу , в скульптуру и фильм. Это будет тихая и штормовая выставка одновременно. Ни кого она не оставит равнодушным. Многих заставит задуматься и открыть для себя новые исторические факты и документы.

 Через энергию визуального искусства художники хотят доказать вам, что искусство Революции существует, что власть принадлежит искусству, что люди имеют право на искусство и революцию в искусстве.

Приходите в галерею в сентябре и откройте для себя новые идеи и новый мир Искусства Революции.

 Через Кроудфандинг я хотел бы попросить помощи в организации выставки, художникам, чтоб принести наши идеи в реальность, сделать более яркой и незабываемой.

Пожалуйста , поддержите нас и мы не обманем ваших ожиданий! Спасибо

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