The Ark T Centre's future

Help the Ark T Centre, Oxford, support more people and face the future with confidence and certainty.

We did it!

On 31st Jul 2015 we successfully raised £13,165 of £10,000 target with 114 supporters in 28 days

New stretch target

Our building needs some tender loving care !  Our plans will take physical space and we have some offers but building work is expensive and we want to be able to put in the best quality and energy efficiency we can afford ... 

Project aim

Help the Ark T Centre, Oxford  support more people and face the future with confidence and certainty. 


About the project

We need your help!  The Ark T Centre needs £20,000 to fund some great projects that are life changing.  We have a wonderful friend who will put £10k in our basket – if you will put in the other £10k.  So every pound becomes two – we will literally double our money.

The Ark T is unique in Oxford – a creative place with an inclusive heart offering a safe and nurturing environment – we need your help to keep it that way and reach  more people who really need us.  And the rewards are fabulous so please donate and treat yourself to something special.

As an organically grown, grass roots organisation, we have reacted to the need that is around us, specifically in the isolation of the older community,  the disengagement and stress evident in young people and the economic struggles of local families.

We work at a personal, individualised level, mixing the benefit of the space that we can offer, with the support and nurturing to help people move on. 

"At the Ark T I found a place of safety in a world of terror."  

"Ark T keeps me out of trouble - otherwise I'd be mingling with idiots and end up back in prison."

"Going to the studio makes me feel safe and free”   

We have long waiting lists of young people wanting to use our music studio, your money gives us more time for them. Families who rely on our support using the Playspace to rediscover  how to play - your money gives them a richer experience and helps us find new people who are hidden in our community.  The BroomTree Cafe works with volunteers who need a place to be while they get back on their feet - your money means we can offer more spaces and more care to re build lives and help people move on and back to employment. 


It's all about the future - we want to support more people in more projects.

We are asking for your help to face the future with confidence.

And don't forget - with the help of our generous benefactor every pound of yours turns into two if we reach our goal...   


















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