The Aquaponics Research Project

The Aquaponics Research Project

Development of Aquaponic system in pursuit of a more efficient and eco friendly way of producing healthy food.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Development of Aquaponic systems in pursuit of a more efficient and eco friendly way of producing healthy food.

Due to global warming, over population and agricultural methods that contribute 70% of worldwide pollution levels. A different approach is now crucial to producing food.


Aquaponics is a tried and tested way of growing food, based on creating a symbiotic, closed loop ecosystem that recycles waste products from fish tanks into gravel beds in which plants are grown. The bacteria in the gravel beds process the fish waste into nitrates which fertilise the plants naturally. The water is then returned to the fish tanks cleaned and oxygenated, thus creating a healthy environment for the fish.

This gives

High crop yields.

Dual crop system (fish and plants)

Water consumption of only 5% of traditional Agricultural Methods.

No Pollution!



For several years graduate scientist, local councillor and keen hobbyist Anthony Nicklen has been in collaboration with designer and visionary Robert Hoyles in the development of domestic Aquaponic Systems. Having achieved a good level of success they wish to install a larger system which if successful would become the model for a commercial grade operation.


Having located a site they wish to raise funds to cover the cost of installing and trailing the larger system.


Aquaponics is already being utilised in other countries (USA, Japan, China, Germany and Singapore). It is still in the pioneering stage in the U.K.

If their designs are proven to be commercially viable they would wish to convert this research project into a business. Which in turn could generate employment for local people, those with limited physical and mental disability, autistic spectrum disorders and wounded service personnel.


If taken forward, Aquaponics could be applied to many other areas such as Prisons, Hospitals, schools or even famine relief.


Aquaponics has a very promising future. Please help us get started to realise this potential.