The answer to fake and misguided news

by thinkcitizen in Bristol, England, United Kingdom

Not quite
Unfortunately this project was not successful.

We filter news for misguidance in accordance with our Validity Code

by thinkcitizen in Bristol, England, United Kingdom


Filter news – we remove misguidance from mainstream news including exaggerated headlines, quotes out of context, and bias.

Aggregate news – we filter articles from left-wing, right-wing, and centre-ground media companies. What you see on our main page is therefore news from across the political spectrum.

You participate – you get to rate mainstream news based on what we’ve filtered out. We place this at the bottom of the article (for subscribers only).

We also deliver courses to give the public tools for independent thinking in the media age. 

The funding received will help us get off the ground and run for 6 months. 

Let's make 'The answer to fake and misguided news' happen