by Paolo Carzana in London, England, United Kingdom

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On 20th September 2019 we successfully raised £900 with 11 supporters in 28 days

Raising awareness and financial support for LGBTQ+ homeless youth and Mental Health funding support across the UK and Italy.

by Paolo Carzana in London, England, United Kingdom

About the project:

This project works as a prologue to my future hopes and aspirations for a kinder fashion industry where a designer can practice in a way that is real in inspiring and promoting change using their voice and craft to do so. Working with the leftover materials from my BA collection, "THE BOY YOU STOLE", and taking inspiration from these silhouettes, I have imagined the possibility of a fashion piece, moment and product having its meaning changed and translated into something completely different that could provide positive change in the world. Creating healing dolls with these left over materials, I departed on a Pilgrimage in Italy and Wales, to acquire a change in material matter and subject with holding the energy of healing properties found from a thirteen hour hike to the Healing Thermal Waters of Saturnia, Italy and close to home, Taff's Well, Wales. In turn, the possibility becomes reality in a dream to create real energy and healing properties in these dolls. The dolls are made up of sustainable materials including Pineapple Leather, Bamboo Silk and second hand bed sheets. They are then over-dyed in natural homemade pigments with the healing water making up the base of the dyeing process with full submersion of the dolls. A life long holder of positive energy and healing properties is created. Working to support the AKT Charity, England, Pride Cymru, Wales and CIG Arcigay Milano, Italy the dolls will be distributed to these LGBTQ+ charities who are working to support Homeless LGBTQ+ youth and provide mental health support, as a positive symbol of hope for both the community and these working volunteers. 'Pilgrimage 1' will also act as the research study for my MA Final Collection at Central Saint Martins. With 'The Another World Project' continuing throughout my work, it is really a symbol of hope, and the beginning of a life long project which will sit alongside my creative projects on how I can transform fashion work into community driven missions. The appreciated support from the British Fashion Council is enabling the importance and crucial space to raise awareness for these charities, to promote kindness... An installation will be presented in the Positive Fashion showroom during London Fashion Week 13 - 17 September 2019. Documentation of the project, the healing dolls and initial drawings will realise the installation. Coming together to support youth, inspire and influence change is critical today, as we are still experiencing hate crime today. I hope this project in Positive Fashion can enforce us to think and act, as well as to give space to designers truly working towards more kindness and compassion in this industry. This is about the possibility and reality of changing the purpose and meaning of a fashion piece, so to make us stand up and act.

Why I am raising money and Where your support goes:

The pilgrimage was funded by myself, from working on teaching projects. I am raising money in order to support these charities and provide crucial funding support for LGBTQ+ youth across Europe. Therefore:

ALL money donated here will be divided equally amongst AKT Charity, England (helping LGBTQ+ youth across the UK), Pride Cymru, Wales and CIG Arcigay Milano, Italy.


akt supports lgbtq+ young people in the uk experiencing homelessness or living in hostile environments to find safe homes, employment, education or training  and to celebrate their identities in order to improve their life outcomes.

Your donation will help LGBTQ+ young people in crisis. Here's how your contribution could make a real difference:

£5.00 can provide a young person with food vouchers for a nutritious breakfast and lunch.

£9.99 could keep a young person safe with a basic mobile phone.  This can be the difference between staying connected, and feeling isolated and cut off.

£19.89 could pay for a night of safety in an LGBT+ friendly hostel.

£50 can be enough to cover multiple nights’ accommodation as well as food vouchers and travel allowance.

£100 could provide travel expenses for a young person outside London to attend our annual youth conference.

£250 contributes towards a Rainbow Starter Pack to help a young person move into independent living after their time with us.

Pride Cymru:

Pride Cymru is a volunteer led charity that works to promote the elimination of discrimination be it on the grounds of sexual orientation, gender, race, religion or ability.

We also seek to work within all areas of the LGBT+ community across Wales. Through co-production, engagement and partnering with other organisations, we have developed a series of projects aimed at supporting a diversity of LGBT+ communities while developing links with the wider community around them. Our aim is to increase understanding and respect for all and ensure that we encourage participation from people with a range of backgrounds and life experiences.

CIG Arcigay Milano:

The CIG, Gay Initiative Center, is a non-profit, non-profit voluntary association. The CIG is organized as a gay community divided into sections, commissions and working groups aimed at helping and solidarity homosexual people, carrying out activities and organizing services.

The "Psychology and Counseling Service" of CIG Arcigay Milan is a consultancy service run by professional psychotherapists and educationalists and is aimed at those who wish to address issues or discomforts related to sexual orientation and / or gender identity. The aim of the service is to offer a space for listening and support that is welcoming and non-judgmental, and to promote a full and serene development of the person.

Rainbow, whose acronym means Rights Against INtolerance Building an Open-minded World (rights against intolerance for the construction of a more open world) is an integrated project of research and development of new actions aimed at countering the phenomenon of homophobia in school and youth contexts, for the development of knowledge and good practices and their consolidation in Europe.
The project involves not only Italy, Belgium, Bulgaria, Germany, Holland, Spain and the United Kingdom.
The project is coordinated for Italy by CIG Arcigay Milan, collaborates with Synergia, ECFA, Farapi, SAPI, Jekino Distributie, BJF, COC Amsterdam, LGBT Consortium / Schools Out, Ararteko, Arcigay and with the involvement of Arcilesbica Zami Milan.

Thank you to your support for LGBTQ+ youth, individuals and volunteers.

London Fashion Week Showroom details:

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