The Anatomy of a Goalkeeper

by Adam in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, England

The Anatomy of a Goalkeeper
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The goal of our not-for-profit book, featuring 20+ goalkeeping professionals, is simple: catalyse and inspire the development of goalkeepers

by Adam in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, England

The goalkeeper union is as strong as ever.  For club, for country or for college, week after week and day after day it is our purpose to keep the ball as far away from the net as possible, preventing it from entering the goal at all costs.  And for those of us not still playing?  We're standing on the side, to coach, nurture, develop and support the next generations as they blossom through the ranks and start to figure things out for themselves.

Through our not-for-profit paperback book launching this August, The Anatomy of a Goalkeeper, we strive to take a look at the goalkeeper union and its evolution as well as catalysing the growth of quality goalkeeper coaching throughout the UK.

And we do all of this within a non-profit environment because, at the end of the day, we share the same passion for goalkeeping and uncompromising love for the game.  

Working with a multitude of top-level goalkeepers throughout the book, including ex-BPL stoppers Richard Lee and Chris Kirkland, Australia's female goalkeeper and captain Melissa Barbieri and England futsal international Thomas Dennis, as well as a plethora of some of the industries most highly regarded experts and influencers (in England C team goalkeeping coach Mick Payne, The FA's Talent Identification manager Nick Levett and London 2012 Olympian and Handball goalkeeper/captain Bobby White) we truly have pulled out all the stops to make sure that this is the most insightful, informative and yet enjoyable goalkeeping book you will read.


It might be that you're just playing for love of the game in Sunday League and are interested in the stories behind the 168cm international goalkeeper, the glove brands that started in an attic or what it's like to play professional football one day whilst pitching on Dragon's Den the next... They're all stories, they're all real and they're all covered in the book this summer!

The book is designed for all levels of goalkeepers, parents and coaches with dedicated sections to improving your game, creating innovative goalkeeper sessions and following your child's journey through the goalkeeping pathway (we've got a couple of real gems here!).  

Believe it or not, the idea for the book was only discovered in January, over a cup of coffee and a shared passion for the world of goalkeeping.  The outlines were fixed and the skeleton in place from that moment, as inspiration turned to motivation which transformed itself to an abundance of ideas, quirks and execution to follow them up.

We're now here, 6 months down the line, with a team of volunteers working on the book, scourring for the best stories in the goalkeeping world, whilst piled on top of this is perspective and knowledge from coaches who have worked with 90+ international goalkeepers, have talent identified the likes of Wayne Hennessey and even senior goalkeeping coaches at ex-BPL clubs.

The journey has, of course, been full of ups and downs.  It's taken an awful lot of work to get the book to this stage and none of us are under any illusion that we'd be in any position right now without that grit and determination.  Still, we do it because we love goalkeeping, because we are passionate about sharing its story and because we are dedicated to improving the quality of goalkeeper coaching from grassroots upwards.

So far, our journey has been an incredible fairy-tale.   We've tried to replicate this as much as possible in the book, but the unrelenting support from all of you who have helped the project has been incredibly moving and greatly appreciated.  Whether it be just sending in your photos to our Instagram page, agreeing to an interview for the book or opening the door to potential media contacts who can deliver the book to the whole of the goalkeeping union, we truly couldn't have got to where we are without your support.  

Now it's time for all of us to come together, celebrating what makes goalkeeping just that bit more special than the rest of football, and get this project off the ground and onto bookshelfs across the country.  

The significance of pre-ordering the book should not be underestimated: it provides us with the safety and security of sales to justify the large financial contribution that the book will require, undoubtedly, whilst also proving to our sponsors and our friends in the press that this project really has potential and is a story people want to hear.

All I can ask now is that you vote with your heart, consider your options and help in any way that is at all possible.  Your support is incredibly generous and greatly received.  One would expect little other from the goalkeeper union, though, right?


Yours in goalkeeping and the unrivalled success of the book,




Adam Woodage - Founder and Author

You can drop me an email at or a text/call on 07824517780 if you would like to find out more - I'm always happy to chat!




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