The A.M.P by YE Endeavour

The AMP will amplify the sound of your iPhone without electricity. It takes seconds to assemble allowing for ultimate portability.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful


We are Endeavour, a company backed by Young Enterprise and winners of the 2016 Chiltern Young Enterprise competition for best company. We are based at Dr Challoner's Grammar school in Amersham, Buckinghamshire.

'AMP' (Alternative Music Power) offers something that is not currently available on the market. The AMP is a non-electric phone speaker amplifier compatible with a wide range of devices that can increase the volume and sound quality of a device by up to 8 times.

Our product is practical, innovative and affordable. It can be constructed and then disassembled within seconds as a result of the cleverly manufactured parts that fit together seamlessly. It is also the only product currently on the market that doesn't require batteries or charging, which is within an affordable price range.

The future looks to be bright for Endeavour with companies showing great interest in our product. Countless people have asked to purchase one but we currently lack the funding to have a mould manufactured which is required for the production numbers we are anticipating.

We promise to devote your pledge towards the production of the AMP. So far we have been able to 3D print our prototypes, but this method is impractical for commercial usage, and we therefore need to raise enough money for an injection mould. 

Visit our website for development pictures and more information:

So far we have been successful in creating an innovative and useful solution to an every day problem, but as with all product, we have run in to a major problem.

Whilst 3D printing has been extremely useful for creating a wide range of prototypes to demonstrate the power of the AMP, we need to create the tooling to enable us to commercially produce the AMP. This process is long and expensive, and while we know it will be a challenge, with your funding we will endeavour to succeed.