The Amazing Mother

by Blessing Boyega in London, Greater London, England

We want to empower expectant parents/parents with knowledge which, will help in the fight to terminate maternal mortality and infant deaths.

by Blessing Boyega in London, Greater London, England

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Antenatal classes are aimed at expectant parents/parents who know they are having a baby. Wouldn't it be great if as a mother and father we heard from parents of different stages in parenting to prepare ourselves for that next chapter to raise a family?

Our Aim

Maternal mortality and Infant deaths are still happening everywhere around the world. Even in the most developed countries. (Data rate) Our aim is to fight against it, especially in areas where not a lot of women can access or afford information on health and wellbeing for mother and child. Our workshops will give both expectant parents and parents knowledge from experienced health professionals and hear from parents in their environment. We want to break the stigma around postnatal depression, increase the number of women that breastfeed, help improve the knowledge around nutrition and diet before pregnancy and after birth. Everything that will improve health and wellbeing.

The Amazing Mother

After visiting Nigeria in 2017, the founder of Regal Influence Blessing Boyega was privileged to speak with mothers and those in the health departments about the lack of not enough information been given during antenatal classes. Women did things based on what their mothers did, or friends did which, sometimes was not right for them and their baby. As a mother of two She was blessed to have given birth in a system where they gave her a lot of information and practically held her hands through every stage from when she found out she was pregnant, to when her babies started getting their immunisations. Knowledge is power, if these parents can be educated even before they think to start a family, they would have a better community.

Workshops and TAM Gift packs

Blessings Aunty had just given birth and whilst she was in Nigeria She visited them. Her Aunty noticed her son was not feeding well due to her low milk supply at the time and asked for help. Blessing travelled with her 3-month-old at the time and brought with her a handheld pump which she decided to give to her aunt to top up her sons feed with a bottle of expressed milk. Her Aunty said she had never heard off or seen a breast pump before, most women would have bought a high-end formula brand and would have given up on breastfeeding.

These are some of the things the workshops aim to tackle, working with the women and their environment as not everyone may have the best environment to be able to sterilize bottles or handheld pumps.

The TAM Gifts packs are appreciation gifts to appreciate the mothers having gone through childbirth. The pack will be filled with pamper gifts, toiletries, wipes, diapers for the mothers and babies.

LET’S RAISE £10,000

One problem cannot be solved only by one person overnight. The £10,000 will be used to: -

  • Produce a documentary of women who raise and give birth in a place in Nigeria called Yaba. We want to show the awareness of how child birth is like in their environment and how TAMs workshop can improve their community.
  • Hire venues for the workshops held at 1 location in Ibadan and 2 locations in Lagos
  • Provide food and drinks for attendees
  • Put together the TAM gift packs which cost around £5 per pack
  • Pay qualified health professionals and guest speakers to speak at the workshops
  • Pay for Two volunteers travel and accommodation
  • Purchase any stationery, promo handouts etc
  • Create a website


Is this workshop only happening in London and Nigeria?

No! We aim to take this project around the world. Nigeria was chosen as the first place as that’s where the founder was born, and London is where she’s from.

Do you have to be expecting or a parent to attend the workshops?

The workshops are not limited to just expectant parents/parents, in fact we encourage anyone planning to start a family to attend. However, priority entrance will be given to the expectant parents/parents first.

Are the workshops free?

Depending on where the workshops are held and the demand, most workshops will be free. Workshops charged at a fee, will always be between £5-£10, with the availability of discounts

Do we accept sponsors?

Sponsors are welcomed and will be reviewed by the team if suitable.

Will you work with collaborators?

Just like with sponsorships, we are always looking for collaborators as long as they are suitable to what we are doing.

Is the workshop only aimed at women?

No! Although it is the woman who goes through the most, their partners are welcomed to attend to gain understanding and learn ways where they can be more supportive. We also encourage anyone to attend even before they start thinking about starting a family.

If you have any more questions, please email: -`

We are launching the project in London on the 30th June 2018, please come down and checkout a taster of what the workshop will be like. All the information on The Amazing Mother project can be found in the links below.


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