The Amazing Hair dryer project needs your support

by Tony's amazing hair dryer in London, England, United Kingdom

The Amazing Hair dryer project needs your support


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To launch my patented hair dryer, designed to prevent millions of females in the world from twisting & bending their wrist when blow drying!

by Tony's amazing hair dryer in London, England, United Kingdom

I am a fully qualified hairdresser, who successfully designed & patented an ergonomic hair dryer with a curved shaped easier to use, hair dryer handle, which was tested by a Fantastic International hairdressing Icon. My super aero dynamic, state of the art, hair dryer design, was created to stop users of hair dryers from twisting & bending their wrists, when blow drying their own hair & it can also help millions of hairdressers around the world, who unfortunately suffer from RSI. I gained my patent for the curved shaped handle, which gained serious orders by the two largest hair product distributors in the UK, who both wrote letters of intent, to stock all their outlets across the UK, Ireland & beyond. I also designed a light weight minituarised hair dryer motor, to help make my hair dryers lighter & easier to use. I approached an Iconic British household named vacuum cleaning company, to help me develop the motors to be installed into my hair dryer handles but they said they were not interested in developing hair dryers. Within a very short period, they launched their own version of hair dryer which was different on the outside appearance but it was installed with the identical motor I had designed, marked private & confidential & sent them a copy, to which they reviewed & replied in writing, which was against their own strict company policy (I still have the original letter sent by the owner of the company). I complained to the owner that his engineers had copied my idea, which resulted in his CEO being sacked on the spot but the owner refused to mention my name on their patents. My lawyers say I have a 50 / 50 chance of winning, due to the stack of evidence I have collated proving that my collaboration contributed in the success of their patents. I applied & lodged my claim at the Royal Courts of Justice for a breach of confidence & for entitlement to be named (The UK Patent Office have confirmed that I am entitled to be named) but I must first win my appeal at the Royal Courts. The owner of the vacuum company has sent contradicting statements, which prove they are lying & corrupt & this will be used to prove my case. If I win, I have requested the Royal court's for a full accounting of all the profits the vacuum company have earned around the world since 2016. I need enough funding to secure the costs of my legal team. The court case commences in April and is set to last no longer than one & a half days. I believe my honesty & the facts I have to submit, will prevail and I have promised myself & all who know me that I will manufacture my hair dryers in the UK, to help secure jobs & security for the great British public, despite the exit plans from the EU. I also believe Britain is still the best at manufacturing great quality products made in England & I wish to prove it.

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