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Unfortunately, this project was not successful

The Education system in India is enormous, the precise pivot is the age group between 6 – 14 Years old. Schools with upright education are well framed to develop the child in various subjects like Arts, Science, Social Science, Literature and likewise. The Education structure is undoubtedly improving in India but we yet have many realities to define. We are projecting in building peace for Individuals and Schools. In Schools as we accept as a truth that Children at the age of 7 – 17 develop their perceptions, attitudes and behaviours. Academicians say that “the way the school upholds the child, the way the parents uphold the child, defines our responses to the situations in the future”. Every so often we blame, shred our thoughts and experience traumas towards others but we develop the roots of the cause relieved in each child by various techniques that are being developed to make our lives more peaceful by Therapists, Psychologists, Scholars and Spiritual Leaders.    

Peace workshops for children would process and advance harmonic relationships amongst all living beings and the connection towards mother earth; and bring inner contentment. Our workshops would concede perceptions, understanding the livelihood, contemplation about the issue, bringing positive resolution and making their life’s more thoughtful. The involvement of one individual/students would advance their inner development which would transform for a better community.

We in Agents of Peace organise weekly workshops for the Children from the Age Group of 7 – 17 in the School premises. We share our experiences, learnings and compassion with the children’s. We work on the dimensions of human life; Mind, Body, Consciousness, Emotions and Connection to Mother Earth. We do workshops for teachers; in which we share skills about how they could manage the students, how they could reduce stress, help understand the child better.

The school would have long run benefits by Improving the lives of the students, the school would see a transformation in the students and teachers, quality of workshops and many more.

We use various acts towards peace; Activities, Meditation, Mindfulness, Yoga, Breathing, Arts, Mindsets and various other acts.