The Alleviation- A short film

by Francesca Brotherton-Cottrell in Truro, Cornwall, England


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In an apocalyptic wasteland, a man risks everything to try and bring a little joy into a world full of terror.

by Francesca Brotherton-Cottrell in Truro, Cornwall, England


Hidden away in an abandoned watchtower with a heavily pregnant woman and no food or supplies, a man wrestles with his conscience. 

The world lies in ruin. Their chances of survival together are slim. This is no place for a child. 

Fearing for his future, he gets up before dawn, packs a bag and, whilst she sleeps, ventures out alone into the wasteland. 

Over time, he becomes plagued with guilt and shame at his decision. He presses onwards but every step further fills him with more dread. Worse still, something seems to be stalking his path… 

Before finding out what, he stumbles upon an old derelict manor house. Inside, he discovers a truth, and a horror, that forever changes his perspective. 

The Crew

The Director and Writer

Growing up, Will was a keen actor. Over the years, though, he found himself more and more interested in what was going on behind the scenes and so decided to enrol at Film School. It was here, as well as his time spent as companies such as Industrial Light and Magic and Spectrecom Films, that inspired him to start his own production company, Reverie Pictures, with Ollie Couch. This has allowed Will to gain an in-depth knowledge of the different departments on a film set and leaving him with no doubt that he wants to spend the rest of his life working in the crazy world that is filmmaking!

The Producer

From Staffordshire, Fran has a background in producing, having produced her own projects and working as a production assistant on larger productions. She has also acted as runner on a number of tv productions, most notably BBC's Countryfile. Fran is excited to work as a creative producer to explore a new genre and important themes for this film.

The Director of Photography 

Coming from a background of photography and fine art, Ollie's main interest lies in cinematography. He takes inspiration from contemporary D.O.P's such as Rodger Deakins and Lingus Sandgren with their approaches to colours, lighting and framing. Prior to his studies, he competed in the Reel Film Challenge. This saw him travel from Cornwall to Budapest directing and producing Wild Blood, which went on to win 'Judges Choice' at the end of the competition. Further to this, another of his films, Flatline, was nominated multiple times at the London Future Film Festival. Having worked on several projects already with the crew, he is looking forward to continuing their working relationship and creating the dystopian world of The Alleviation.

The Art Director

With family in the industry, Eliza has been around filmmaking all of her life. Growing up on set taught her a lot, and she hopes to harness everything that she has learnt over the years to create a visual style for the film that immerses the audience without breaking the illusion of reality. From a young age, she used drawing as an outlook for her creativity, before later moving on to creating props and costumes. These have ranged from stunning carnival masks and string puppets to ambitious theatrical costumes and stop motion sets. As her pool of talents have grown so has her passion for production design, and she cannot wait to get started working on the film.

The Editor

Growing up, Melissa has always enjoyed editing and has loved the opportunity that Falmouth University has given her to explore and grow her skills within Editing. From editing the short film ‘Afterlife’ in her first year of studying and being Editor Assistant on the third year film ‘Cold Hands’, she has had experience in all editing aspects. She is looking forward to working on this project as the thriller aspect of the film is something she finds intriguing when editing in film.

The Sound Designer

Originally from a little village just outside of Brighton, Ryan has been making films since college. Having worked on a number of projects with local Brighton company Verri Media, he has gathered essential knowledge of the film industry and has been given amazing opportunities to work alongside companies such as Canon and Aston Martin.

Although he enjoys all aspects of film production, his great passion for music and sound has influenced him to become a sound designer. He is fascinated by the creative possibilities sound can offer to tell a story and is very excited to develop the different themes and emotions this post-apocalyptic world can offer through the sonic experience.

The Budget

As shown in the breakdown below, the budget will be spent mostly on actors and set design as it is vital we can create a realistic post-apocalyptic world. We understand the importance of creating a happy environment on set, and this can be helped greatly by  catering! There are also a few expenses in both the camera and sound departments. 

Reverie Pictures 

The Director and Director of Photography have worked together for the entirety of their university careers. This year they launched Reverie Pictures. Based in Cornwall, Reverie Pictures is a professional film production company specialising in commercial videography. 

You can visit the website here to see some of their work:

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