The Adventures of Halo and Flake: In Paris

The Adventures of Halo and Flake: In Paris

To publish the very first children's picture book, Adventures of Halo and Flake, a book to delight, engage and educate.

We did it!

On 13th Jun 2016 we successfully raised £10 with 1 supporter in 28 days


Mister Halo and Mister Flake are a pair of daring explorers. Having never been to France they accidently board the wrong train and find themselves in Paris. There follows a journey full of danger and surprise. Along the way they learn about the French language, culture and history, as well as the importance of friendship and protecting the ones you love.

Inspired by the real life adventures of two Bichons Halo and Flake, they invite you to join them on their journey of discovery.


I have always loved writing and my combined passion for reading, writing and animals has lead me to write my very first children's series- the first of which is The Adventures of Halo and Flake: In Paris. The manuscript is complete and I have had it illustrated with wonderful, classic and kind pictures.

The inspiration has come via the many fantastic trips and outings I've had with the little fellas and whilst seemingly improbable, the events in this story are actually inspired by real life events (Yes Flake really did have a battle with a rat!)



I would love to see this picture book published as I strongly believe that reading and being read to not only educates and engages but creates bonds and connections. The story is aimed at children aged 5+ and aims to show them importance of looking out for one another, love, friendship and bravery. In addition, there is an introduction to the French language as well as some more challenging vocabulary to promote curiosity and expand knowledge.


A number of copies have already been printed and are waiting for your kind donations so they can wing their way to you.

The money will go on editing costs, printing, merchandise and of course marketing to try and bring it to market.

I am so grateful for your support and here's a little snippet of what's inside...


Halo and Flake, or Mister Halo and Mister Flake as they liked to call themselves in polite society, were two fluffy, curly haired pooches. Both had very different personalities and both a cheeky sense of adventure which always landed them in a lot of trouble. Never content with just sitting at home, they constantly found themselves on the go, and exploring the world around them.


Now you should know, Halo was the older of the two brothers. He was tall, thin and had a very intelligent expression. He would never walk on the grass, always taking the cleanest path around. He wouldn’t dare to cross into a puddle and was appalled at the thought of getting muddy.



Flake on the other hand was so much the opposite many thought, why they surely cannot be brothers. Round and plump, he was always the picture of happiness, smiling from ear to ear, and always getting into trouble with Halo. Flake would roll in the mud, splash in the streams, climb, poke and peek into every hole and every crevice. My was he a curious creature.


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