The A-Level Maths Coffee Machine

by Benjamin Danziger in Holt, England, United Kingdom

The A-Level Maths Coffee Machine
Not quite
Unfortunately this project was not successful.

Help me raise money for my A-Level math class to buy a coffee machine for my coffee-loving teacher & friends

by Benjamin Danziger in Holt, England, United Kingdom


My name is Ben; I am a 17 year old student at school in Norfolk. I am currently in my first year of A-Levels, studying Maths, Economics and Design. 

Maths is by far my favourite subject and I want to surprise my teacher and class with a coffee machine. My teacher, Mrs McNamara, is coffee crazy so we always joke about buying a coffee machine for her to keep in the class. Obviously, to her, it's no more than a joke but I would love to surprise her and the class with a coffee machine. 

Objectively, this must seem like a very odd crowdfunder but it would be great to see my teacher's face as I wheel in a full on, kitted out barista coffee machine.

The machine in question is about £430 so I am looking to raise £500 to cover fees and coffee beans to get her started. 

On the slight chance this project becomes a success I will make sure to video the entire process of buying and delivering the gift to my class to show all you kind donators. 

My maths class is quite small with myself, Johnson, Thus, Manuel, Phoebe and Libby. We are all good friends and love our teacher so this project would be so exciting. 

Be sure to donate to the project and stay tuned for the video after we raise the money

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