The 10p Political Project

Educate Nation of #Option2Spoil - This is my Manifesto

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About the project

I, David Neil Thomas Harvey, am the only independent candidate standing in Lewisham Deptford. No political party has paid for my deposit or is funding my campaign. So I need you!

My Manifesto is: To educate the Nation that they have an #Option2Spoil on May 7th in the general election. I want to engage more people in politics and give those who are currently disenfranchised with the system a positive way of taking part.

Although the current electoral system will try and tell you a spoilt vote may not count and it is actually illegal for staff in a polling station to tell you how to spoil your ballot, you do have an #Option2Spoil when you #DrawTheLine. If you don't want to support a specific candidate, dont want to support the process or dont want to support the system; using your #Option2Spoil is infinately more effective than not voting.

To stand as an MP you need to put forward a deposit of £500 which is returned if you get 5% of the vote, in Lewisham this equates to about 3,200 votes. As I believe voting for a specific candidate is implicitly supporting the system I believe to be flawed, not even I will be voting for myself. As a result I doubt I will receive 5% of the votes and wont get back that £500. So if you value my attempts to change how politics currently operates, please do support by donating £1 online or find me in the street and give me 10p.

Together we can change the system, but only together!

Find out more by following @HOWnotWHO, and search "the 10p Political Project" #10pPoliticalProject, #HOWnotWHO, #Option2Spoil, #DrawTheLine, #GameChanger and #RealRevolution

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