Thanks to Mike Pilavachi. A farewell gift.

by Jon Noble in Haslemere, England, United Kingdom

Thanks to Mike Pilavachi. A farewell gift.
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Mike Pilavachi is a legend who has blessed many of our lives. He has given so much of himself and this is a chance to give something back.

by Jon Noble in Haslemere, England, United Kingdom

As a teenager I grew up going to Soul Survivor festivals which had a major impact on my faith. Being surrounded by thousands of Christians and experiencing inspiring teaching and worship was incredibly formative. As a young adult I continued to attend the festivals, helping with youth groups and going to the young adult events. I then became a youth worker and continued to take groups of young people to the festivals for ten years. The Soul Net youth worker training courses were a real support to me too. Seeing God at work during the festivals has been amazing and Mike has given so much to make them happen. 

This year is the last year of Soul Survivor summer festivals.  I would love it if we could bless him with a gift of thanks in his final year. If you have been blessed by Mike's ministry, perhaps you could consider giving a donation, however small. This page is unofficial and in no way linked to Soul Survivor or Mike. If we raise some money to gift to Mike this summer, I will report back through social media and this page if I can still access it.

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