TFL Lost and Found App.

by Emmanuel Oti Akenteng in London, England, United Kingdom

TFL Lost and Found App.
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The aim of this app is help bus communters to report thier lost items on the public transport. It informs the user the bus they took on it.

by Emmanuel Oti Akenteng in London, England, United Kingdom

My name is Emmanuel Oti Akenteng a 25 year old Bsc Psychology with Sociology at London Metropolitan University. I am from Ghana and came to London 2010 to further my education and live with my mother and my three siblings. Whiles leaving in London I attended my first college at City of Westminster college between 2010 to 2011 and progessed on to attend Newham college for further education studying Pre Access to Psycho-Social in 2012 to 2103. After finishing this level 2 course I was accepted on to the level three course to partake in the Access to Psycho-Socail course between 2013 to 2014 respectively. I am also very passionate about football and developed love for coaching at a very young age giving out coaching service to younger children and training them to become professionals. This makes me feel very fufilled in life as we as humans should always strife to help the community. 

Whiles going to school I usually travel on public transport which was my main source of transport to college. The main reason why me and my mother helped develop the TFL lost and found app is when she lost a her precious shopping bags full of items. It was very important to her as those shopping was meant for my grandmother in Ghana. It absolutely prompted her to find solutions to help the community and the City at large by creating an app that helps bus commuters to report their  lost items on the bus to Transport for london. Above are image or Photos the app.

We contacted vServices a company who specialised in App, Website, Digital Marketing Development. The company  and their team were responsible for creating the app using bespoke and advanced techology to develop the app. The vServices team is our current team  that  are working with on the app as they are responsible for the updates and fixing any bug in the app. They have being really helpful and have find any possible means to make the app a reality and can't thank them enough. The made us feel at ease in letting us know the market we intend  to reach or venture and  our future aspirations we have for the app.

My vision for the app is to extend the app services to the whole country and across the UK. And also the whole of Europe and America as this app will be very helpful in the world. I also plan to have a  section for small business advertistment and help promote their business. We will also donate most profits to charity as we strive to give back to the community and people who have helped us made this project a reality.


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£50 or more


This money will go towards the maintenance of the app and the updates of it regularly. As it will help keep the business afloat and to serve our customers with the best of care we can as a business. It will also imporve our services in the market we are operating and to keep our customers happy.

£20 or more

Business Expansion

This money or fund contribiuted will go towards the expandsion of business to other parts of the UK to start. As other cities will benefit from having an Office that will take care of their services by responsding to customer queries, and problem solving.

£20 or more

Team Expansion

This money will go to the addition of several team members from different technology backgrounds. Who with their skills will be very beneficial to the business growth.

£20 or more

Customer Feedback

This money or funds to be directed to research on customer feedback as it help the business improve on almost all key areas in the business.

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