Teversal FC Under 11's Southport Tournament

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Teversal FC Under 11's Southport Tournament

We are an Under 11s football club that are aiming to take all our football players to their first weekend football tournament away. We believe that this will be a fantastic experience for the players at an important and busy time of their young lives. They are all Year 6 at school and will be put through the stress of their SATS exams. This tournament is also aimed to give them all a well deserved reward for their efforts. Any money raised on here will be to pay for each childs accomodation and to enter the tournament. Thank you.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

We are Teversal FC Under 11's Football Club who are based in Nottinghamshire. Our project and aim is to be able to take all our players to the Southport Football Tournament from the 2nd May 2014 until the 5th May 2014.

We play in the Chad Mansfield Youth League playing in Division 2 on Saturdays. We encourage and strongly believe that all the children should first of all enjoy playing and taking part in football. We encourage hard work and effort from the children who really are a great group of young individuals.

They really work hard in everything we ask them to do and rarely give less than 100 percent. They are a privledge to work with and I can state that I am proud to coach them.

This will be the first weekend tournament that the children will experiance and in my opinion will be a great experience for them and a welcome/deserved break. The children are in Year 6 of the school year which means that they will be undergoing the stresses of SATS exams, then leaving their current school to go to new bigger secondry schools.

The weekend will be an exciting break for the children who will be able to relax and enjoy themselves with no stresses doing what the enjoy.

Any money that people donate will be used to pay for the childrens entry into the tournament and the children accomodation for the weekend.     

I would like to take this opportuntiy to thank you for taking the time to read our appeal and a big thank you to those that donate to our cause.

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