Terran Spacers' full length debut album "I, Metal"

It's a pre-order to help with the production costs. You can share both in the load and in the success. Get involved and get your cd. :-)

We did it!

On 10th Dec 2017 we successfully raised £78 with 5 supporters in 49 days

This is our debut album pre-order where you can share in the load as well, helping us raise the necessary funds for production, while you can get the end result, too.

Terran Spacers are a Bournemouth UK based space metal or atmospheric progressive rock/metal band. Although we have 3 EP's to date, this is our first full length album we are about to release. We are an unsigned independent band, which has its advantages and disadvantages to it. First of all, as we are independent, we are not told by a label what music to play, how to do it, we are not told what directions we have to choose on our space journey, etc. On the other hand, having no fat pocket of a record label behind us, we have to finance all of our moves ourselves. That's what we started to do, at least.
Being independent from record companies doesn't mean that we want to be completely independent from our audience though. Our fans and friends do matter, your opinion matters, and we don't want to completely break loose in space.
In our humble opinion, a pre-order crowdfunding campaign can be beneficial to both us musicians and our audience, as it makes our project pro-active. It's not that we make a record on one end and you buy it on the other. It makes you part of the production. You can participate. By pre-ordering the album, you share the loads with us and become part of this space journey.

Our band was formed in 2012. Since then we produced 3 EP's, 2 of them last year as forerunners to this full length one. The album will feature not only the EP songs re-recorded, but also those previously unrecorded. 

For those of you who don't know too much about the band, its songs, having their roots deeply in metal and rock mold a unique unearthly vibe to them with mostly science fiction based and layered lyrics into often uncommon, unexpected song structures. From the earliest days onwards the band adopted the harmonious A=432Hz tuning. The use of the word Spacers in the band name is meant to pay homage to science fiction writer Isaac Asimov who is one of our greatest influences in choosing themes to write about to this day.

All 3 EP's to date were produced by the band itself and show a noticeable linear improvement in sound quality. Experimenting with and adopting new techniques and using different technologies for different projects has always been the Spacer way and approach. 

At the time of writing this introduction, most parts of the instruments have already been tracked, with some re-trackings, mixing and mastering left. Artwork and graphic design is getting done by Viktor Antal, who has designed cover art for 2016 EP "Of Earthmen, Spacers And Robots..." and will be a similarly sci-fi based and robotic theme, just a bit more elaborate.
All the project is gonna reach completion till mid-December when we send it off to print. Official record release day is set to 3rd January 2018.

All the money raised in this crowdfunding campaign will go towards the production costs at cd printing. In case we don't reach our target, we'll proceed anyway and will finance it another way. In case we reach the target and more, the remaining funds will go towards other merch production and/or further/future recording costs. We are not a one hit wonder or a one album and disappear sort of band, we have plenty more songs, singles, EP's and full length albums to follow.

When we chose "rewards" or "options", we tried to cover all possible "fan" needs and to match them to a reasonable price. To make it more appealing, we applied a discounted price for now, to a limited pre-order time only. Later on, after launch, people can only buy our album for full price. This is to reward our participating friends even more.
For example, a usually £10 cd is available for £8, a signed copy for £10 - and if you want to make yourself a part of our band's history, it's crazy cheap: for £20 you can get not only a signed cd, but also your name printed into the booklet as one of up to ten special helpers who helped make this episode of Spacer things happen. Now, before the first album's launch it might not be as appealing as from the perspective of a later album, but imagine you had a time machine and could look back to now from our 3rd or 5th album's perspective, showing your friends and family: "it's me in the booklet! I'm part of this space journey!". ;-)

If you have any questions or ideas, special "reward options" on your mind, please don't hesitate a millisecond to get in contact with us! You can use our website's contact form or email us on terranspacers@gmail.com

Thank you!

Dave, Judit, Chris and Bace

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