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Teresa Angelina Trichology Haircare

Our trichologically formulated capsule collection for curly, mixed and afro hair . Three products = HEALTHY HAIR

We did it!

On 12th Aug 2016 we successfully raised £85 with 4 supporters in 94 days


Who Are We?

Teresa Angelina Trichology is the hair care brand developed and formulated by the Fulham Scalp & Hair Clinic. The Clinic has been open for the past 7 years, treating hundreds of patients with difficult and stubborn scalp and hair conditions, but the clinic’s founder has experience that dates back far longer than that!

For over 40 years Teresa has been treating and caring for hair in her own unique form of hairdressing, that kept the health of the hair at the heart of what she did, advising clients on best styling practices and warning and refusing treatment when they requested something too damaging. Her dedication to cultivating everyone’s hair to its strongest and healthiest form has resulted in devout loyalty amongst her clients who travelled from America and Africa to see her, whilst she was still working from home and bringing up her two children.

In 2008 Teresa qualified as a trichologist at the Institute of trichologists, something she had to put off when finding out she was pregnant with her first daughter, 30 years before.

Teresa founded the Fulham Scalp and Hair Clinic in 2009 and has been treating patients with scalp and hair conditions since. She has built the clinic up without investment of advertising, but through proud referrals from her current patients.


The Fulham Scalp and hair clinic now has a solid patient base, and we want to move onto our next adventure; the development of our hair care brand, which we have been cultivating and refining for the past 7 years.

We Teresa Angelina Trichology differs from other hair care brands because it is trichologically formulated to provide care and nourishment, specifically for curly, mixed race and afro hair.

Our capsule collection of Menthol Shampoo, Menthol Hair Mask and Leave-in Hair Protector are the first in wider range of products that we have developed. This is more than just hair products, this is hair education and hopefully the start of a revolution in how we consider healthy hair.

What’s the product?

The Capsule Collection is a shampoo, hair mask and leave-in conditioner that covers the foundations for healthy hair maintenance, it’s your solid bedrock of hair care for styling to build on from. The Capsule Collection contains;

  1. Our Stimulating Menthol Shampoo- this shampoo not only clarifies the scalp and hair to remove oil, dirt and product build up, it also refreshes the scalp leaving it tingling and transformed. We use the gentlest sulphate to get an effective cleansing action, whilst not drying out or irritating the scalp.

  2. Our Menthol Hair Mask- This Mask intensely conditions and nourishes the hair, smoothing down and protecting the outer layer of the hair shaft to keep it stronger for longer. The menthol continues to refresh and stimulate the scalp, particularly important if you are encouraging your hair to grow to at its optimum rate.

  3. Our Leave-In Hair Protector- This nourishing, non-greasy and lightweight leave-in is the final seal for curly hair. It helps to provide the necessary protein content to keep hair shafts strong, whilst also helping to set hair styles, making it perfect for defining heat free curls without leaving them crunchy or greasy. light, bouncy curls, the way it should be.


What have we achieved so far?

 We currently run our Fulham Clinic, providing consultions and treatments from these headquarters. We have also provided consultations in Portugal and Angola and have received great interest and demand for our products.

We  produce our products in house at our Fulham clinic, which is fantastic for fast turnaround, but makes large volume production very difficult due to our limited space.

We know that our patients love our products, we know that they provide fantastic results, but we want more people to benefit and experience them.

Funding So far?

Everything we make at the Fulham Scalp & Hair Clinic goes straight back into the business to allow us to continue to innovate and grow. The business was opened 7 years ago with Teresa’s savings and has been relatively self sufficient ever since, but with such big ambitions we need to invest more in the business, here’s where the Voom Pitch comes in.

 How will Voom help?

Winning a Voom prize would mean the ability to ensure our capsule collection reaches final development and we can start ordering the first production batch. It also means we can redesign the packaging and labels to provide a high quality package for our customers that reflects the high quality ingredients used inside. We’re keen to launch the products with a strong foundation so chosen salons have been approached to begin to use the products professionally, but we will also make the sale of products available online and in our clinic and are keen to talk to a larger online beauty retailer for listing opportunities.

 The distribution of investment would look a little like this;

£5,000- capsule collection product development and initial batch order to fulfil crowdfunder pledges.

£2,000- Photo shoot and designing marketing material to support the website and product brochures.

£7,000- Redesigning and sourcing the packaging and labels for a high quality finished product, building a product brochure and posters and merchandising material to advertise sales within professional salons.

£1,500- Provide training days for our professional stockists to understand how to use the products most effectively and advise customers purchasing the range.

£3,000- Redesign our website with a slick and responsive store and library of “how to” videos for each product.

£1,500- Sending out samples to bloggers, magazines, boutiques and online stockists to pitch the new products and build up PR around the brand.

£30,000- Extending our clinic and opening up a larger treatment area. This would mean relocating our Fulham Clinic to somewhere more accessible with enough space to continue to provide our exceptional treatments and consultations whilst also maintaining our R&D space to continue to innovate products for the future. This also encompasses hiring and training more staff and growing our team which allows us to have more dedicated roles, rather than spreading ourselves so thinly across all areas.

 The investment will also enable us to finally ADVERTISE!

What does the future hold?

We see our products being used as the foundation of care for all independent salons across the country, and we hope to see their adoption extend to the rest of Europe, Brazil and Africa in particular.

We see the development of our FULL range of products come to market.

 We see a re-education and revolution in how we care for and style curly, mixed  race and afro hair, resulting in a long term positive impact on hair health that will continue for generations!

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