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To cover costs for taking our fabulous new apocalyptic dark comedy to Edinburgh.

by katie-richardson in London, England, United Kingdom

The lovely Lotta Quizeen and I are heading to Edinburgh this year, with previews at The Bread and Roses Theatre in Clapham from 16-18 July at 7.30pm and The Bunker Theatre in Southwark on 29th July at 9pm. Putting together this show and taking it to Edinburgh costs MONEY! So please be a patron of the fringe arts! I'm looking to raise some of my costs covering props and costume, my printing costs for flyers, posters and publicity materials and fringe registration. I'm looking for £1600 which is less than 50% of my costs. The rest I'll be contributing myself (working long hours front of house in the West End, teacher assisting in London schools and quizmastering!).

During our London previews we'll be collecting money for Hestia, a London based charity supporting people exposed to violence, sexual assault, domestic abuse and modern slavery. They will receive 100% of our collections in London and 10% in Edinburgh regardless of whether we've covered our costs. If we cover all of our costs we'll make a further donation to Hestia. So, the more you give, the more we can give Hestia. It's a quid pro quo.

I'm calling it The Kindness Agenda.  Or The Kindness Revolution. We need a bit of that post-Brexit, post-Trump.

There are 3 of us involved: Serena Haywood who is writing for the 2nd time for Lotta, having provided my words for Pull Your Socks Up, Britain! in 2015. Joining us this year is Loquitur Theatre's Lou-Lou Mason as director and together we are really excited to bring you this fabulous dystopian black comedy.


“The end of the world needn’t be the end of the world!” 

Join the last survivors of the global nuclear catastrophe in Lotta Quizeen’s fully equipped underground stronghold. She’s got recipe tips for tinned goods and dating strategies to repopulate the planet. No need to panic, Lotta is in control!

...Or is she? There's been a lot of stress lately, what with the troubles between her son Hugo and his wife... Perhaps locking oneself in a boutique bunker may not be the sanest of ideas, even though the world around her is falling apart.

Inspired by current global issues and events, from geopolitical threat to #MeToo, Serena Haywood's gripping and hilarious piece explores what happens when a loving mother, who's usually always in charge, realises that she’s failed to protect the people who need her the most.  

After launching of The Kindness Revolution (2015) in Pull Your Socks Up Britain, Lotta stood as Independent candidate in the seat of Putney. Now, fresh from her anti-Brexit campaigning, Mrs Quizeen's latest episode, directed by Lou-Lou Mason, explores our complicity to the abuses of power and patriarchy in everyday life.

Strap yourselves in aboard this touching dystopian battleship and discover what you might be compelled to do for love and survival.

Previous acclaim for Lotta Quizeen:

 “...sometimes hilarious, sometimes heart-breaking, but always rewarding ....’ 
FringeGuru, Brighton Fringe 2015

“I found myself having to take a step back behind the fourth wall and remind myself that I was actually watching a show and a character – one that says far more about modern British life than I ever expected”
Theatre in the Cheap Seats, Canal Café Theatre 2015

“Lotta has embodied all of this into her completely flawless show... It is the perfect British comedy.”
 A Younger Theatre, Camden Fringe 2015 


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£30 or more

6 Souvenir Post-Apocalyptic Beer Mats

Radiation-proof! The perfect complement to any table. Designed by the mistress herself, Lotta Quizeen!

£120 or more

Personalised Dog Tags and 6 Souvenir Beer Mats

In any emergency, you'll need to make sure you are easily identifiable by those around you. A nuclear apocalypse is no exception! Your tags will be inscribed with your name and #TEOTWAWKI 2018 #ApocalipstickNow

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