A new mens grooming company aimed at helping men

by TenT Nutrition in London, England, United Kingdom

A new mens grooming company aimed at helping men
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Mens Grooming: Reimagined. Designed to help men with their confidence and mental health.

by TenT Nutrition in London, England, United Kingdom

Men’s Grooming: Reimagined. Designed to help men with their confidence and mental health.

Men’s Grooming: Reimagined. - How?

The traditional stalwarts of mens grooming- Hair products/ moisturisers/ beard & shave products/ face washes etc... are all valid, however there is only so much an outer application product can do. 

We believe at TenT that to look good and feel good you need to fix the internal 1st. Our new range of supplements for skin, hair and sleep will target getting the fundamentals for looking good right. Targeting mens grooming issues from the inside out.

TenT was born after I worked at grooming company: I saw first hand men coming in with the weight of the world on their shoulders and feeling depressed. I was stunned to see the affect a good haircut could have or how thicker hair can truly improve a man’s attitude towards life.

With that in mind TenT developed its first product, a Biotin-based supplement called [fol-i-kuh L] (say it out loud). [fol-i-kuh L] is aimed at helping men with hair loss. Its function is to reduce hair loss and to thicken hair.

Despite how common male pattern baldness is, it causes untold distress and anguish to men. It is strongly associated with the development of depression, anxiety and poor self-image. Yet men rarely discuss openly how much upset their hair loss is causing them. It's a shameful secret.

[fol-i-kuh L] has done well and we have received incredible feedback from both men and women.

Now we feel is the time to offer more selection: Hair, Skin and Sleep.


We are looking to expand the range, to include 3 multi-ingredient supplements. The 3 new bottles will help tackle Hair, Skin and Sleep.

Hair - This supplement will include, Biotin, Saw Palmetto, Folic Acid plus many more. This product will not only help to thicken hair and stop it from falling out, but it will also assist with scalp issues and help improve general hair health.

Skin - There is no way of stopping the ageing process completely, however with TenT's new skin supplement we feel we can help slow down its effects. Made up of Collagen, Hyaluronic acid, Vitamin E and other great ingredients, this will help fight wrinkles, UV damage and overall ageing, while also helping bone and muscle restoration across the whole body. 

Sleep - A lack of sleep can deprive your brain, body and skin of nourishment. A good night’s rest helps remove dead blood cells and dead brain cells allowing new ones to replace them, thus helping your skin glow and improving your cognitive function. Our new formula, mixing Magnesium, L-Tryptophan and other ingredients, is built to ensure a great night’s sleep.

Currently we do not have the finances to produce these products: we are the most genuinely small start up you can find, currently essentially a one-man band using his savings to try to get it off the ground and make a difference. We are already at the stage where the products are ready to be made, and with your investment we will be able to get them produced and ready for dispatch in late April/early May 2020.


At TenT we are dedicated to doing things the right way and producing the best products on the market. We searched long and hard to find the perfect manufacturing partner, with a stringent list of musts, and we were able to find a company that fulfilled our needs.

With our manufacturer (based in the UK and founded in 1965) we have developed our Vegan products using the Trufil® system - a technique that is only used by a handful of manufacturers globally - to hand-fill and encapsulate the purest products possible.

The majority of other brands are made using a caking agent (ingredients added to prevent the machine clogging) or bulking agents (used to hold mixtures together).These agents are not digestible, hence you will only ingest half (at best) of the stated strength.

Other brands will also often add unneeded and fattening sugars to make them taste better (i.e. Gummy Vitamins).

Our method ensures that our customers ingest 100% active ingredients. We feel that people care about what goes into their body, and we want to ensure they are getting what they believe they are getting.

Our manufacturing is certified by the following:

  • Environmental Health (UK Health department)
  • Food and Drug Administration (USA Health department)
  • Health Canada (Canadian Health department)
  • Health Food Manufacturers Association who certify that the follow Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)
  • By the Soil Association for the manufacture of organic products
  • The Vegetarian Society for the production of vegan and vegetarian products
  • AIB International, monitoring quality of food production through on-site analysis and tests
  • Other government agencies

To learn more about our manufacturing, sustainability and sourcing policies, please see the link below-



When starting TenT, design of the product and packaging were paramount - we were adamant on creating a superb-looking product that delivers a fantastic experience, looks great in your hand and in the home, but also has a minimal eco-effect on the planet. Despite the extra cost, we feel it was worth the effort.

Product packaging -

  • Glass bottle (recyclable).
  • Paper label (the majority of companies use a plastic wrap, which negates the recyclable-side to the glass bottle. This does mean however that due to the artisan element of the paper label there are slight variations which we feel is an attribute).
  • Metal lid (recyclable). 
  • Biodegradable recycled plastic lid sleeve (this is unavoidable, as needed to keep the product fresh. However, it is recycled biodegradable plastic, which accounts for only 1% of plastics currently).

Delivery packaging -

  • Cardboard box.
  • Wood wool for product protection (not bubble wrap).
  • Also, the packaging for interim shipping from manufacture to despatch uses the same protocol i.e. only cardboard and wood wool, no plastic.


TenT is not a charity, however as mentioned we feel it is essential to give back to the community so we have already started to forge relationships with men’s mental health awareness charities and also men’s testicular cancer charities - both are causes close to our hearts.


Men, be aware. While yes, TenT is aimed at men, if your female friends or partners were to steal this supplement, it would work just as well on them.


TenT, Founder


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