Tennis Liverpool in the community scheme ...

Tennis Liverpool in the community scheme ...

Exposing tennis in the local community by offering them the chance to learn new skills ..

We did it!

On 19th Aug 2015 we successfully raised £80 with 3 supporters in 28 days

Project aim

Exposing tennis in the local community by offering children aged between 4-6 years the chance to learn the game of tennis  ..

About the project

We are a new coaching provider at a local community tennis club in the heart of Merseyside, Vagabonds. We are 3 months into the role & have extremely low funding opportunities to reach out to the community to add tennis to people's lives.

Our ultimate goal is to seek a small funding pot in which will give us the opportunity to head into local schools & offer tennis to children's lives. The idea behind this is to select up to 8 pupils, 4 boys / 4 girls in which any funding will subsidise them in being able to participate in the "Tennis Liverpool in the community scheme".

This programme will consist of a 12 week course of 1 hour coaching (Looking to Launch Sept '15 to Dec '15) delivered by ourselves, Tennis Liverpool. As well as this, we will look to give each player a FREE membership at the club to allow them to practice skills learnt in their own time & give families the opportunity to be together in a safe, fun & heathly environment. With the venue of Vagabonds being in an urban environment with limited opportunities for many people.. this project offers them that chance!

Costing has been worked out as follows ;

8 players attending a one hour session weekly = £28

£28 x 12 weeks = £336

On completion of the 12 week course, we will then feel in a very strong position to filter the players into our own coaching programme, & start to look at repeating the process with a different group of schools & age group. On top of this, we will have given young people who perhaps don't have the chance to play tennis every opportunity to enjoy the sport & even look to take career steps later in their lives such as coaching, playing, college etc. A more immediate outcome will be to have 8 new mini players on Merseyside with your help into our club. 

The process to to the "Tennis Liverpool in the community scheme" would be to head into four local schools, identify the players through a fun coaching session, contact the parents via letter & launch the coaching session from September. During the 12 week period we will also look to create a "Record of Achievement" folder for each player meaning any investors would be welcome to see the progress made through my email. On top of this & assuming parental consent, video evidence of players learning the game will also be a requirement. It is also essential to introduce competition to the players, so there will also be the requirement to attend a mini tennis tournament before completing the scheme & getting hold of the certificate which all children want to have... & parents think about in their record of achievement folders in school!

All sessions are ran by the Head Tennis Coach who is a Level 4 Senior Performance Coach with over nine years experience & has worked in high performance tennis environments as well as grass roots tennis both in the north & south. He has travelled abroad to various tennis europe events & domestic national events at all ages so has a good understanding of the levels & a very good understanding of what is required as players start their journies through British Tennis at mini tennis red. He is a fully licensed coach with an upto date DBS enhancer.

Should anyone need evidence we exist or to investigate more, feel free to check out our website on or through twitter @tennislpool & facebook by searching for Vagabonds lawn Tennis Club.

I really feel this is a massive opportunity for any backers & from my perspective, any funding offered to the scheme could create a new tennis player in the community who may nurture themselves to excel with our support which you've helped cause. On the other side of the spectrum it may simply do one thing which is, to touch young people's lives & introduce a new sport to their family & send them down a more rounded path as they start their lives in a safe society rather than on the streets ...

I would also like to state that for any local backer, I would be more than happy to meet in person to discuss how we could reward you for your backing such as the opportunity to play in our club or the reward allocated based on donation.

We are delighted to have an ongoing link with the NHS & Merseyside Fire & Rescue Service in which all employees are eligible for a FREE 12 month membership. Many people have taken this offer up, so you could always spend any alternative funding by bringing in new juniors to your club & watching their development ...



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