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by Kitty Handley in Manchester, England, United Kingdom

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On 11th May 2021 we successfully raised £716 with 34 supporters in 28 days

Fundraising for the short film Tender Buttons, focusing on female friendship by following a day in the life of best friends Frances and Ros.

by Kitty Handley in Manchester, England, United Kingdom

A   B R I E F   S Y N O P S I S 


This film follows a single day in the life of protagonists, Frances And Ros, as they wait around for the location of a free party near by. The film will be an intimate insight into the friendship of the two, the tenderness and the mishaps of it all, shown through a combination of poetic, scripted and improvised moments.

The film will be shot in a fictionalised way however it is aiming to capture a genuine friendship, and so although partly scripted, there will be a big emphasis on improvisation and spontaneity in the film. 

Playing Frances And Ros, is Beth Jones and Clara Glyn, friends since aged 16. The film is an ode to their ever evolving friendship, highlighting the importance of female  intimacy. A safe space in a sometimes scary world, the film gives the audience a glimpse into this intimate bond.

W H Y   I S   T H I S   I M P O R T A N T ?

The film is not only just a creative outlet, but it is a message of empowerment and appreciation. Everyday we are bombarded with stories of violence against women, with the statistic recently coming out that "97% of women aged 18-24 in the UK have been sexually harassed." This film aims to highlight the wonderful side of being a woman, it is something to be proud of and embrace. 

The film is written and will be directed by myself, and will utilise an All-Female Crew. In the film industry there is a complete lack of female directors, writers, camera operators and even female characters with substance. The list goes on. So often female characters are portrayed as victims, materialistic and mere sexual objects of desire. This film will be a piece of art dedicated to the complexities of being female, through the simplicity of genuine conversations. How we truly spend our time when we are comfortable in each others company. 

10% of all donations received will go to the Pankhurst Trust/Manchester Women's Aid. 

B U D G E T   B R E A K D O W N 


-Most of the budget will be spent on festival submissions. Unfortunately it does cost a lot to get your film seen. I am hoping to submit this final film to a range of festivals, both national and international with the intention of telling female stories that so often are not. 

-A chunk of the budget goes towards set design, including wardrobe too. The aesthetic of the film is really important as it will work towards creating an ethereal feel to the film.  Inspiration is being taken from films such as 'Four Adventures Of Reinette and Mirabelle' (Éric Rohmer), 'Daisies' (Věra Chytilová) and 'Cold War' (Paweł Pawlikowski). 

-Some of the money will be going towards looking after the cast and crew, supplying food and drink on the days of the film, and then paying the cast for the time they have taken to tell this story. 

-10% of the budget will be going towards the charity Pankhurst Trust/Manchester Women's Aid, a charity dedicated to creating a safe space for women around the world and locally. I feel it is important to acknowledge my privilege that makes creating this film possible, and I want to give any money I can towards those who do not have that said opportunity. 

M E E T   T  H E   C A S T   A N D   C R E W 




1618328430_screen_shot_2020-05-03_at_16.54.10.jpg The film is written and Directed by myself, I am a third year filmmaking student at Manchester School Of Art. My work focuses on the blurred line between documentary and fiction. I like to set up scenarios for people to thrive under, creating genuine cinema that feels honest and familiar. I have recently won the award for Best First-Time Filmmaker at the "Screen Power Festival"as well as being screened at the festivals/screenings, "Filmed Up- HOME", "Keswick Film Festival", "The DGSYR Report Exhibition" and "Lift Off Film Festival".

When I'm not filmmaking I like to spend my time illustrating and making music. I find any creative outlet to be extremely therapeutic, from making penne pasta curtains to making films.

My work primarily focuses on the beauty of mundanity and the tenderness of memory. I have recently been procrastinating via learning to knit and playing tipsy football matches! My most recent short film The Love Song Of T.S. Eliot can be found via my youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xYqrxTTLIQc&t=114s

Any illustration work can be found via instagram @talkingbums 


 1618328456_img_9297.jpgHarri Smith- A Photography student at Manchester School Of Art, "Harri's current work specifically explores photographic practice with the understanding that photography is 'the anticipation to forget'. She hopes to present work that provokes emotion, taking particular note under current circumstances, of how impactful immersive and interactive art can be in times of isolation and distance from 'normality'."

To see any of Harri's work you can visit her website at: Harrismith.co.uk or her instagram at: @hazzle.dazzle .


 1618328479_img_9298.jpgLucia Barsegian- "Hey I'm Lucia Barsegian I'm a set designer interested in working in TV and film! Currently I have worked on projects for music videos and editorial pieces for iD magazine. For the past year I've been working with the refugee charity UKRSC along with freelance journalism supporting BIPOC. I'm a keen traveller and love gaining inspiration from different cultures. "


1618412200_img_9372.jpgRoisin Hanley- "My name is Roisin Hanley and I'm a third year filmmaking student with a particular interest in documentary filmmaking. I have worked on placement with national programme "NHS at 70" to create promotional videos and I have recently created a three- part online screening in collaboration with peers and The Holden Gallery named "rebirth and resolution". I enjoy working in different capacities as a filmmaker with experience in direction, production and editing. Outside of work, I love to read go to the cinema and earn languages!"


 1618328501_img_9299.jpgRuby  Pettengell- "My name is Ruby Pettengell, I'm an artist, illustrator/graphic designer and filmmaker. I'm in to storytelling and the relationship between sound and colour in cinema. When I'm not working I simply like to read books, chill out and doodle."

To see any of Ruby's work head over to her instagram: @roob_studio  



 1618328893_screen_shot_2021-04-13_at_16.47.28.jpgPlayed by Clara Glyn "I'm a third year student on the Fine Art course at Manchester School Of Art. I find myself wandering around, drawing and chatting to people most days, enjoying time on my own and around people too."


 1618328702_frame-17-03-2021-07-05-15.jpgPlayed by Beth Jones "I'm a second year History and Politics student & spend my time floating between Manchester and London. Outside of uni, I write and play music, & spend a lot of time walking on my tiptoes and also sitting on the floor."



 1618328801_frame-17-03-2021-07-13-37.jpg"We first met when we were both 16 after we moved to the same school. Although it was school where we first met, our relationship was based upon the avoidance of it and thusly we often found ourselves in many unusual situations. We have been through many emotional moments moving through the political into the personal & our friendship has been characterised by that mixture of stillness and chaos. We both are always searching for those moments where time slows and the days bleed into each other."

W H Y   D O N A T E

By donating you will be supporting a project that aims to tell rarely told female stories which acts to empower women who may be feeling a bit hopeless at the minute. You will get to see a project bloom into a piece of time from an idea. You will be supporting a new voice in the filmmaking world and in doing so, female creatives.

P R I Z E   D R A W 

With every donation you will be entered into a prize draw, made up of donated art and items from fellow creatives. You will not only be helping the production of this film but you will be helping other creatives/local businesses get their work seen and appreciated! 


A huge thank you to Hannah Inglis, Gabriel Carr, Sarah Handy, Samuel McSweeney, Sam Garrington, Rosa Butler, James Cowan, Edi Medley, Hannah Inglis and Emi Wright  for their contributions to the prize draw, and thus to the making of this film. 

If you do not want to opt in for the prize draw that is completely okay and you can donate without being entered into this, just simply contact me : [email protected] or with your donation add a note to say so.


Thank you to Gabriel Carr for the Tender Buttons Artwork.


To see more of Gabriels work head over to his website: www.gcarr.co.uk or his instagram: @gabriel.carrt or @thelemmingzine


Any and all donations as so very appreciated, if you do not have the funds to help out at the minute any shares online are really appreciated too as it might reach somebody who can help out! 

The project is ultimately about supporting each other through these strange and often scary times. The film itself aims to act as a mouth piece for all those female stories untold.

Thank you for taking the time to read. 

Kitty Handley

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