Ten Years Screening in London

by Ten Years (London) in London, England, United Kingdom

Ten Years Screening in London


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Raising the concerns of the current social and political situation of Hong Kong via the screening of Ten Years in London

by Ten Years (London) in London, England, United Kingdom

Project Ten Years 29-9-2019 《十年》倫敦放映
Fundraising deadline - August 18!

Why this Project?

[香港人- 自己電影自己睇]






All the stories are independent, yet at the same time, intricately related to one another. They are attempts to portray decisions and struggles of humanity in a dark age. Through films, we acknowledge a difficult future, and reflect upon the present.


We need YOU.
We need 200 donors to make it happen.
£3,000 (200 person X £15) is required for the Project.

What does it cover?
Your £15 donation will cover the cost of 1) hiring of cinema screening, 2) film licensing fee, 3) film’s file delivery and 4) any other incurring charge. Any remaining funding would be donated to Humanitarian Relief Fund (人道支援基金) and The Journalist Protection Fund(香港記者協會保護記者基金).

What’s the date and venue?
Date: 29th September 2019 (to be confirmed)
Time: 1:15pm-3:15pm
Venue: The Prince Charles Cinema (7 Leicester Pl, WC2H 7BY)

What should I do to get a seat in the screening?
If you donate £15 or more, you will get a ticket to the screening of ‘’10 Years’’. Please select "£15 or more reward" and check out. You can buy multiple tickets and add additional donation there.

I am not in London at that time. What can I do to support?
We definitely need your generous support to make it happen. Happy to have any amount of donation from you! Please check out under "Just Donate" option to support.

Any deadline of the fund raising?
18th August 2019 will be our cut-off date to determine if we can go ahead with the viewing and secure cinema hiring.

What happens if the targeted funding is not reached?
Crowdfunder will return your donation to you. It's "All or nothing".

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Synopsis of 《Ten Years》
Recommended by the Hong Kong Asian Film Festival

Ten Years (103 minutes, Cantonese drama, with Chinese and English subtitles), one of the 2015 HKAFF Center-pieces, is a collection of five short stories; a prophecy, and a fable for Hong Kong. Through their films, five of Hong Kong’s young directors are raising questions about the most central issues concerning our city, and the audience is invited to ponder together:

a Where will our terrorist attacks come from?
【 Extras (浮瓜) Directed by: Kwok Zune (郭臻) 】
A terrorist attack is about to be staged amongst the festivities on the day of 1st May!

b What is left for us to protect, when the awareness to preserve is at its end?
【Season of the End (冬蟬) Directed by: Wong Fei-Pang(黃飛鵬)】
Museums have lost their way of knowing the world. In this rapidly developing world, museums eerily re-emerge. 10 years later, in 2025, the world is under an apocalyptic season all year round. The memory and history of the city is destroyed and washed away in an ever-increasing rate.
Two youngsters aspire to pass on the knowledge of museums, and have been practising taxidermy for quite some years. They are haunted by memories, and cannot break free from special ties with certain objects. Although they have been turning objects into specimens, this time, they cannot relocate those items back to where they belong. Rather, they choose the most passive way of preservation: storing all specimens in boxes, as if burying them in tombs. They try to turn themselves into specimens. Their skin gradually gets harder, until they can’t feel or move anymore. He has a strong character, and is ready to do what it takes for this project. He preserved everything for her, but in the end she is the one preserving his body for him. He doesn't want to leave her, but at the time he’d rather be preserved and destroyed in her hands, so that the two of them can be one.
The solution she uses for him is warm, but at the same time, she’s afraid her fear would be transmitted through the solution. Through reading their work log, the storyteller feels like he is wrapping him up, together with her. Wrapping in perception, wrapping in destruction, wrapping in the life that no longer feels.

c How does the fading of Cantonese affect the life of the people?
【Dialect (方言) Directed by: Jevons Au (歐文傑)】
Ten years later, Putunghua is deemed the only official language in Hong Kong by
the Central Government, and all taxi drivers must pass a Putunghua language
test held by the State Language Commission according to a new legislation. All drivers who failed must put up a sign saying, ‘Non-PTH driver’, and are prohibited to pick up passengers at all immigration control points.
Post-80s taxi driver, Hank, is in his forties and can’t speak Putunghua well. He is driving everyday with his ‘Non-PTH’ sign, struggling to survive in the place he was born and bred. When Cantonese becomes a dialect, he realises he is losing more than his income.

d Will there be self-immolators in Hong Kong, ten years from now?
【Self-immolator (自焚者) Directed by: Chow Kwun-Wai (周冠威)】
I would rather die in protest, than live in silence. Silence is the accomplice of lies. This is a counter- lies pseudo-documentary.  Let's assume in 2025, China is still breaking the Sino-British Joint Declaration, refusing to fulfill the promise of ‘One country, two systems’, and Hong Kong is still living under its rule, almost a dictatorship. That's why groups of young people is determined to fight for Hong Kong’s independence, and thus are being seriously suppressed. At this time, someone self-immolated in front of the British Consulate-General in Hong Kong...
Who is the self-immolator? How is this related to the fight for independence? Different people see it differently. Do these views add up to a hopeful future for Hong Kong? Or do they show us a tragic ending?
Self-immolation is a symbol, an accusation to lies. When we are brave enough to acknowledge the cruel reality, and see the distorted truth for what it is, then there’s the beginning of hope!

e What is our next generation meant to learn?
【Local Egg (本地蛋) Directed by: Ng Ka-Leung (伍嘉良)】
The story is set in 2025, when, under all sorts of political reasons to delocalise Hong Kong, the last chicken farm in Hong Kong is forced to close. Hong Kong will be relying solely on imported meat, in which 95% comes from the Mainland.
Cheung, who sees his family chicken farm business as his lifelong career, decides to continue the business in Taiwan. Before he leaves, he gives his last batch of local eggs to his friend, Sam (starring Liu Kai-Chi), who owns an egg store.
Sam’s store has relied on selling local eggs over the years. One after another, local egg supplies are being killed off, and politics is in infiltrating the basics of daily life. What worries Sam the most is his nine-year-old son, Ming, has joined the National Security Brigade, and is exposed to confusing concepts of ‘patriotism’. Sam does not hope to reverse the inevitable trend, but his only humble wish is his son can stay out of it all. Once, Sam saw Ming when he was part of the Brigade’s bookstore
shaming action. In desperation and disappointment, Sam discovers aspects of Ming that he didn't show before, and learns more about his son’s struggles and thoughts.

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