Temporary Research and Development

We are developing a piece of verbatim theatre that is shaped by the experiences of families living in temporary accommodation

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Tale Be Told Theatre Company is committed to sharing the untold stories of communities and people in crisis. Tale Be Told Theatre was formed in 2015 by Terri Creaser and Kulraj Thethy. At the end of 2015 Terri and her family were made homeless when her husband was unable to stay in his job- their home had been tied to his employment... after a struggle with their local council to prove that they hadn’t intentionally made themselves, they were first placed into emergency accommodation, sharing a bathroom and kitchen with other strangers and are now in temporary accommodation. 

Through our own personal experiences of the housing system, we discovered how tough and uncertain life can be for families in temporary housing- after reflecting on our own experience and speaking to other families in similar positions, we feel that there is so much that feels undignified for these people. From having to prove that you didn’t make your family ‘intentionally homeless’, to being moved to substandard accommodation with children- that in some cases is harmful to their health, to feeling like a number in the eyes of the people who should be there to support you. The temporary housing system is flawed certainly and is a growing problem, with evictions on the rise and a lack of truly affordable housing for families.

There have been a number of shows staged to explore the housing crisis, however, as someone currently in that crisis- I am yet to see a piece of theatre that I feel reflects the harsh reality and the frustration  of life in temporary accommodation. 

We are aiming to produce a piece of theatre that is shaped by people going through the stress of living in temporary accommodation. Through an open research and development process, working with people with experience of living in temporary accommodation, we will create a piece of theatre that is engaging and enlightening for an audience, whilst being a positive experience for those affected by the crisis itself.

We have secured some funding to host family drop in sessions for anyone affected by living in temporary accommodation- this will go some way towards providing respite and support for these families, whilst developing the opportunity for families to engage with the development of our theatre piece.

We are also seeking arts council funding to cover some of the costs of the project and have secured the use of The Waterman’s Arts Centre to showcase the production at the end of the R&D period. 

The total amount secured will ensure that we can:

Host family drop in sessions to provide support, respite and advice for families in temporary accommodation whilst building relationships with families who may want to contribute to the theatre piece

Transcribe stories gathered to be used as verbatim stimulus for the rehearsal period

Pay 4 actors and a stage manager at industry rates to work as an ensemble to develop the piece during rehearsals that are open to families to attend.

Hire fees for rehearsal space

Videographer to document the process.

Host a community performance for families affected by the issue to ensure they have a say on the development of the piece.

We are asking for the amount of £1500 to add to funds secured and pending to enable the project to run as planned. This will also go towards our matched funding amount in our arts council bid. Should we be unsuccessful in our arts council bid then we will use the money raised to scale back the project, ensuring we are still able to run the drop in sessions for families and then develop a short performance piece, inspired by their experiences.

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